Bebês trocados ou retirados da mãe no nascimento, aqui em Manaus tá acontecendo há mais de 10 anos.

Eu venho fazer uma denúncia para todos os brasileiros ricos, ou estrangeiros misturados com mulheres brasileiras.

Ultrassom falsificada: Na Ultrassom eles mentem pra você, dizem que você está grávida de 1 filho, mas na verdade você está grávida de 2 ou 3.

Quando nasce, eles tiram a criança de você e colocam em cima de você e depois eles retiram o outro bebê sem que você veja, você pensa que nasceu só 1 e que o médico está te costurando, na verdade ele está retirando outros filhos de você.

Eu sou testemunha, aqui no prédio da minha mãe eu localizei um menino, que é cópia de duas crianças gêmeas da minha amiga de longa data que teve 3 filhos e não 2. Tiraram o outro filho dela, a novidade é que o menino desapareceu daqui. Ela teve duas gêmeas e 1 menino gêmeo, tri gêmeos.

E isso ocorreu comigo também, encontrei uma cópia idêntica da minha filha, advinhem, a menina também desapareceu daqui.

O Alvo são os ricos, ou todos misturados com estrangeiros brancos. Eles estão separando os filhos da mãe porque eles são Turcos, ou ciganos, eles fazem isso. Vendem acredito ou dão pra outra Turca cuidar.

Observar a linhagem, veja se você e seu marido são parecidos com qualquer outra pessoa famosa, verifique como se parece o filho deles e provavelmente o seu nascerá bastante parecido.

Normalmente as crianças nascem ou a cara do pai ou da mãe, podem também nascer com traços misturados dos dois, mas não vai ser muito longe disso. Se for muito diferente, há uma grande possibilidade de ter sido trocado.

Fato é que a subtração dos filhos ocorre nas maternidades.

Desconfiar muito quando dizerem pra você que o bebê nasceu morto, pois fato é, que pode estar somente anesteziado, também sem que você tenha visto.

#Eu recomendaria a todas as mulheres a terem partos em casa ou exigir ter testemunhas com câmera ou filmadoras no ato do nascimento. Nunca sozinha em uma sala particular.

Do you have any question?

From now on you will not see me until you say: – Blessed is he who comes in Jehovah’s name!

Jesus Christ

What is the real name of GOD?  He answered already, is יהוה) — YAHWEH! His people, the Jews!

“All who invoke my name will be saved – is יהוה) — YAHWEH . You can say: GOD, the almighty, YAHWEH, the creator of the Universe, of the Planet Earth, please, help me! I need you. He is with us everyday.

He also said: “I’m the beginning and the End. I understand that God is the beginning described in the Bible, like he is the creator, the Old Testament and also he is the End of the System of Things, the New Testament, with Jesus Christ. It’s like he is trying to say, whatever which name you call me, i’m all the things, because i’m the owner of this Universe. I manifest the way i want and i will speak in different ways with everyone. So, who are you to question GOD? You are a merely creation of him. I’m talking about myself, many times i questioned GOD. He does not like it for sure, but this is the way i’m. I question everything.

One thing that people get confused is about Religion. I like to think about Faith because if i want to talk with GOD i can go in any church, because the Bible is one. The message is only one. The problem is with us, deep inside, if we are in accordance with GOD our spirit is clear, if not, we need spiritual treatment.

Yes, he has a Throne. This Throne is his CAR. This is true. :). God is a MAN, but in Spirit, a Giant in the SKY.

“The Kingdom of the Sky is inside of us”. “Jesus is spirit and King now”. Don’t forget to read the Bible.

Security Alert for all Brazilians about the gipsy invasion in bulgaria and another countries included brazil.

UPDATE 15.04.22: After 1 year in Brazil i have more info to you. How to recognize them? They are brown, not BLACK like the negans.

They are mixed with Asians and here i’m surprise that they are mixed with Amazon Indians too. So, i don’t have to tell you that in our Villages in distant areas of Amazon are full of them. I was investigating corruption cases in our Cities in Amazon, i saw many gypsies like politians. I don’t know even if these people made public exams to stay there. I already checked, they are inside the Police in Manaus and many public departments. They are not honest, so i don’t recommend to mix with these lines. They mixed with white too in Europe and United States, that’s why they are better than the people here in Amazon, here the people are not so polite. They lie a lot. Some countries defend that they must to mix to create another line variation, so they can disminish the corruption and line distortion. This can be a solution, but here in Amazon i don’t see anyone that are good to mix, really. Our city is a big garbage dump and destruction.

They are pedophilians, if you are above 30 you are not interesting anymore, that’s a strong signal that the man with this characteristics is an abuser, also they abuse animals. Here in my mother’s building they abused kids and animals. They don’t respect the law, this means, they are out of law. Even if in Brazil we have law for everything they totally ignore it. They kill without remorse, in the same proportion that they steal, they don’t regret.

Also what i want to share, all the Blows were installed in the system because of them, to achieve their goal. They love HIGH prices, now in Manaus everything is so EXPENSIVE, i cannot believe when i saw in Downtown, one PIZZA R$66,00. Before i leave Manaus, the Pizza was R$25,00. In São PAULO’s airport, the price was R$90,00, i could not believe in what i saw.

About the industry: Many products had their formula changed, like toothpaste for example, is not the same formula of 5 years ago. The shampoos also got worse in quality. When i first came, my mother was paying for drink water, the water had medicine inside, like Dipirona or something close to it. I immediately felt it, and I forced her to change the water and we started to drink normal water, she really got better, before she was all the time complaining of pain, and one year after i don’t listen a word that she is feeling pain.

About The regional food: Also the formulas are not the same, they changed many formulas, i was thinking that this happened because the people that made the original formulas were killed or something else happened, maybe the composition of the components to do the regional food was changed.

The wheat i eat is not wheat, the oil also is not oil, our paprika is not the same, worsened the quality of powdered milk. Everything is much worse than before. I complained about the fruits, specially bananas and whatermelon, now we are receiving better quality, with original flavour, maybe before they used some kind of fertilizer or pesticide that changed the original flavor of the fruits.

My first text when i Left Bulgaria:

I’m doing a serious complaint against the Gypsy invasion in every country in the world, Brazil included, because they are already here in Brazil and Manaus for more than 5 years as i see. They invade your apartment while you sleep and they kill the families there. They cut them in pieces so no one can find proof against them. First they study your family and after that they start to create confusion with you. They make a lot of noise, talk very much late at night, put high music. During the day they disappear, you almost cannot find them.

Some tips:

  • Speak only in Portuguese (use your regional accent, show your culture, they are nationalists, they do not copy your accent). They believe in ALA. (They are not fighting for England).
  • Eat something that only has in your city, they do not like FARINHA for example.
  • Do not Steal
  • Do not invade houses or apartments (they do this).
  • For the companies, all Brazilians must to take place in the companies, give preference to the best places to Brazilians.
  • Pay attention for people that talk in another language. They can be criminals of another country, if they want to steal.
  • If in your community people start to disappear without clue, it’s a signal of foreign crimes.
  • Avoid to let your house/apartment alone.
  • Avoid to give the security of your building to foreigns. If it’s mixed with Brazilians and live long years in Brazil it’s ok.
  • The most crimes in Europe, when many Europeans disappeared these crimes where committed by Gypsies. They cut people and do not let any clue, they cook, put in the oven and make people to be ashes. They steal people’s heart, liver.

This way we will separate who are the Brazilians and who are not.

If your building has some areas that can hide antenas, pay attention, mainly in the last floor, close very well and the key must to be with the owner or syndic.

Don’t be intimidated by gypsy behavior. When you notice, the whole building can be taken over by the Gypsies and the Brazilians can be extinguished. I’m not joking.

Buy an internal lock like this. Or the best you can. My door is already over protected with unique lock, no one in Brazil has. 🙂. If someone make a copy is registered to police to know it. For investigation.

They usually have an adaga,
Here it is the proof! Translating: Nação contra o terror cigano e invasão. /Não ao Terror Cigano. Eu realmente fui aterrorizada por mais de 1 ano. Eles inclusive entraram no meu apartamento. Eram muito barulhentos e inconvenientes.

About Dreams. Don’t share nightmares, or as you wish night dreams.

Until now, watching all these dreams of the night on the internet, they are very confuse, not very clean, also the people that give testimony can’t understand very well. All these dreams that they had were not based on the Bible. Satan Loves War, Death and Spooky Dreams.

It will be genuine if is not at night. That was the way Daniel gave the interpretation of the Nabucodonosor dreams. Satan tricks. The King Dreamed at Night because was a demon that gave him, and also in the Night Daniel had dreams with the answers, i believe that came originally from Satan, so he could give the answers. Was not God. They were being tormented. That’s what i realized. Daniel prayed at least 3 times per day, maybe the last dream he had about the God’s Throne can be real. He believed in GOD so God never abandoned him, he had a Strong Faith, i can feel it when i read, that’s why i believe in Daniel. You feel his Fear of God, the way he talks, it’s real, i analyse like a scientific expert, i put myself in his place, i don’t know how to explain, it’s almost like i’m there with him.

What can let us confuse, if is a Pastor, is how to recognize the Dream, to help the person, the best advice i can give is for what i’m watching and studying is everything is false. Satan tries to make all these dreams real, because people give attention and share these horrible dreams. Pray at night before sleep and start to be in fellowship with God. I believe that we don’t dream at night if Satan does not appear, we don’t dream. Or only the People that are REALLY Saints will dream At Night, like Daniel. The Saint People of GOD that will have dreams at night are just like him. Pure of Heart and Soul.

For the Pastors, i would like to ask, how many Visions of the Day do you have? Described in the Bible?

For the Governments i would like to Ask will you listen Satan Dreams? I hope you don’t, like Hitler did. Was not a dream of God he had.

That’s another serious contribution. Don’t listen Satan’s dreams and these dreams don’t have to become real. If is some dream that you can save a life you can pay attention, if there is no other way your Angel can communicate with you.

You will stop have nightmares when you be close to God again.

And yes, you can pray to GOD for you have prophetic dreams. Those who ask will receive all the answers, search for GOD and he will find you. 

Until now i didn’t see anything in the internet like the Daniel’s dream described in the Book of Daniel, 7:13.


To be genuine, the dream must to have the seal of the Alive God. If not, it’s false.

In the last days God said: I will send visions to people of all nations, so let’s keep receiving.

Did you see something like that in your eyes once in a lifetime? Or heard someone that had the same experience?

G-O-T-O-V-I – Gotovi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some information: The person was not in the hospital and this is not happening to the person in question, happened to another person or child. The person only saw it but knew that was not happening to herself.

Flash light in the Eye, once in a lifetime, and if this person had a child. This person must to be a woman, not a men, most precisely a mother.

Fraude na prova da FGV

Fui fazer minha prova e um participante da prova constatou que continha a matéria de Raciocínio Lógico. Essa matéria não contém no Edital. A prova foi falsificada em Manaus. Não tinha nome de candidato e o código de barras do caderno não batia com o do Cartão Resposta.

#fgv #fraude #vergonha Manaus

Declaração de Guerra

A Rússia está sacudindo o mundo espiritual. Você consultou a Deus?

Mix of colours

Interesting analysis. So, the blue color, that we have in the air and the composition of the clouds in the sky, are blue and white, when i look outside my window i can see the sparkles outside, they are light and compose the air, they are everywhere, and the lilac i don’t know what is it exactly, maybe it’s a smoke of the night, but mixing the composition of these two colors we have a blue dark light that sometimes can sparkle once inside our eyes. If you see it, nothing to be afraid of. Maybe a smoke got inside your body if you were traveling in Europe or USA, they got inside your body, because i said before, i saw many Blacks dots flying there. When we sleep they can go inside our body. Continue in the fight of the spirit and the flesh. We will gonna win.

Bart Bear

You will gonna die, never play with the Saint Spirit of God. Remember what God said. Your lies will be spread for the entire world. I will pray for it. Because, i serve a Powerful God. And, there is no one like Him. You cannot run forever. That’s the truth. And, you cannot justify your crimes anymore.

Nota urgente (for everybody).

Informação urgente: Jesus está enviando as visões e continuará enviando. As visões originais tem o selo do Deus vivo. As que não tem são falsas. Jesus realmente escolheu os humildes por quê? Porque eles tem fé e estão em adoração. Ele disse: O reino dos Céus está dentro de vós. Assim que todos no Planeta saberemos o que acontecerá. Já está confirmado de acordo com a profecia do Apocalipse, realmente vai se cumprir. O que resta fazer? Arrepender-se e aguardar sua visão. Caso o governo de Satanás não execute a marca da besta, os que receberam as visões já sabem pra onde vão. Um dia ou outro o restante da profecia vai se cumprir. Espero que já esteja esclarecido.

About body’s recovery, young forever…

If you regularly eat natural yogurt it will help, and one apple before sleep.

I’m not so sure about meet, but sometimes it helps me to sleep well. I was thinking that the food must to be something that helps you to sleep profoundly without wake up. The problem i see are the interruptions that stop me to achieve the TOP maximum of my sleep, is in that moment when we get younger. I barely sleep here. When i sleep i smile all day and i have a good disposition and everything gets better.

Sleep well is the secret. Your wrinkles will be reduced, your skin will be brighter. My hands get younger in a such way that surprises me. Sleep without air conditioner and with open windows if you can do it. The most important is the good air. If you live in polluted cities it will be difficult. There is something in the air, i love very much to breath this air, give me a kind of good feeling and peaceful state of mind and it helps me to relax to sleep. I cannot sleep with my cats, it’s stressfull i wake up all the time concerned if i slept above them.

One day, i don’t know why, was in Bulgaria, I woke up like a child face, just like in The movie Contact, was me but younger, like 18 years old, i could not believe in what I saw, i was perplexed in the mirror was like a miracle. Maybe was an angel inside of me. I had green eyes, i was eating green apple almost everyday but I’m not so sure that was because of the apples. I was drinking a green natural tea, with natural green sleeves too but soon i realized that the tea was letting me older. I really don’t have an explanation, but the next day i slept not so good and again i was with the same face not so old but with winter skin. I like the way I’m getting old, my skin is aging naturally. So the phenomena with Judie Foster in the movie happened to me.

Sometimes when i don’t sleep well i see more wrinkles and I realise that i must to sleep better than last night.

Another thing that was very good is that in Bulgaria my entire body was very dry, but here in Manaus is soft now, i don’t have dry skin anymore, i feel so happy because there I was thinking that i was dead and my body was in decomposition rsrsrs, very dramatic, but Thank God i’m alive.

In fact I see only advantage in leave Bulgaria I’m feeling much happier despite all the external problems. If my kids could live with me i will be complete and happier than ever.

I hope you like it. That’s why I’m not afraid of wrinkles anymore. They can disappear. 😙

Blake Lively, The shallows

This is a very interesting lesson. I watched this movie on Netflix a time ago and i was very shocked and surprised. First you see Blake Lively like a superficial girl, but when she goes inside the sea and fight with a shark, you get very inspired by her courage. I was thinking what’s wrong with this shark, why he is so agressive, he is not letting her go… It did not settle down till the limit where he could kill her. He killed three other people who tried helped her, but he was unsuccessful because in the end you discover that God sent her to kill the shark. Be strong, be bold, never give up.

Resolva este problema

Tudo é uma questão de interpretação. Eles sempre dão um jeito de deturpar a própria lei. A nossa Constituição Federal foi criada em 1988, mas o tempo passou, a gente muda de Presidente há cada 4 anos e a gente já esqueceu. Veja o que diz a Constituição.

Direito à propriedade

direito à propriedade, por fim, também está entre os direitos e garantias fundamentais do caput do artigo 5º, CF. Além da previsão da propriedade como um direito de todos, a Constituição prevê que a propriedade deverá atender ao princípio da função social. Assim, dispõem os incisos XXII e XXIII do artigo 5º da Constituição Federal:

XXII – é garantido o direito de propriedade;

XXIII – a propriedade atenderá a sua função social;

Assim como os outros direitos fundamentais, como por exemplo o direito à Vida. É um direito gratuito.

Conclusão: A lei é explícita que cada cidadão tem direito à uma casa de graça garantida pela Constituição Federal, ou seja, não deveriam existir Sem Tetos.

Aqui no Brasil eles financiam 80% do preço do imóvel, ou seja, você paga 20% pro Estado do preço de construção do imóvel e agora exigem que você tenha renda de pelo menos R$1.800 reais pra ser incluído no Direito à ter um imóvel.

Toda a nossa vida é desrespeitada, assim como a carta Magna da Constituição Federal.

#Trends Riachuelo e Renner

Algumas das peças que me chamaram atenção. Sempre no duelo de gigantes. 😙🌞