Ferris Bueller’s day Off! Ha! Love them! Can we go back in time please?

One of the best movies ever! Kind of Best Friends forever!

Book Pinocchio, 1940.

You can read to your kids.

Where'd all the
donkeys come from?

Come on, come on.
Let's have another.

And what's your name?

Okay, you'll do! In you go!

You boys'll bring a nice price.

All right, next!

- And what might your name be?
- Alexander.

Hmm, so you can talk.

Ye-Yes, sir. I wanna
go home to my mama!

Take him back!
He can still talk!

Please, please! I don't
wanna be a donkey!

- Let me outta here!
- Quiet!

You boys have had your fun.
Now pay for it.

"Boys"? So that's what--

Ha! To hear that beetle talk,

you'd think somethin'
was going to happen to us.

Conscience. Nah, phooey!

Where does he get that stuff?

"How do you ever expect
to be a real boy?"

What's he think
I look like, a jackass?

You sure do!

Hey, you laugh like a donkey.

Did that come out of me?



What the-- What's goin' on?

I've been double-crossed!
Help! Help!

Somebody, help!
I've been framed! Help!

Please, you gotta help me.
Oh, be a pal.

Call that beetle! Call anybody!

Mama! Mama!
- Oh, what's happened?
- I hope I'm not too late.

What'll I do?
- Pinocchio!
-Jiminy! Oh,Jiminy, help!

Wait, Pinoke! The kids,
the boys, they're all donkeys!

Oh, you too!

Come on, quick!
Before you get any worse.

This way, Pinoke.
It's the only way out.

01:06:16,360 --> 01:06:19,564
Hurry up... before they see us.

You gotta jump!

What is my job?

I’m a marketer and i LOVE to promote brands, to make researches about the new tendencies, to understand the positioning and new ideas. i’m also a fan, if i like some brand or specific artist i promote for free. What we give is what we get back. I like to make interpretation of the position of the brands, i’m neutral in my job, i don’t see color, social position or religion. I’m always working even if i’m on my free time. Knowledge it’s a part of who i am. The smarter people are always learning and enjoying less. Everything is important for yourself development, so i’m always improving. Someone’s impression can be very dangerous if it’s not well analysed.

If you like my job and are interested in promote yourself or your business please contact very fast, don’t waste your time. Time will not wait for us, i mean, for your business and for me to grow. Get in touch now. >:)

Letter to my children

I cannot explain my love and it’s impossible to prove it. It’s also a feeling that cannot be contested. I had you both, you are part of my material flash, you were generated from my body. My spirit generate two spirits, two innocents girls that were stole from me. I cannot sit and accept this fact. When someone wants to steal they simple do not observe ethic and what’s is moral and correct to do. I feel that i’m fighting not only against the progenitor but also against a archaic system with archaic laws. My love for my children should not be putted in check. I dedicated 8 years of my life exclusive to them. In some countries mothers are obligated to left their children with only 6 months to go back to work. I was a dedicated full time mother. The father had his particular reasons but still his reasons are not my children’s reasons. Our connection was broken and no other love can replace it. The big prove of a mother’s love for its children is the love she feels and mine is bigger than the Universe in my perception, because of them i had supported all kinds of abuses. I miss you every day, just trying to do others activities to occupy my mind. Cannot call you, cannot see you, cannot write, so what else can i do? Hope at least you can see my letter to you right now. Love u forever, K and B… of your mama, here waiting to see you! Fighting for the moment that i will you see you both. Want so much to hug you…. you have no idea! Hope that we go fly our kite!

Moral lesson

Once upon a time in a little lost city that was full of good values, happy people and tradition, then suddenly was cursed by a plague called mercenary. They forget how is good to treat others well without thinking in have return. The main word of their tongues was money. They killed because of money. One day was made an international decision between countries in each they had decided to banned money from earth and give to some choosed ones online coins because of their brave hearts. The others that killed for money after the decision died of hungry because their hearts was full of bad intentions. They only saw bad. Life was presenting them with love, respect, gratitude, but they got lost and perish in their way because they were very much blind to see the light.

The moral is: Use only the force for good and never use money for bad. Money is for protection and dignity. If you got no money is because you are not making enough efforts to have a dream job or just a job.