Moral lesson

Once upon a time in a little lost city that was full of good values, happy people and tradition, then suddenly was cursed by a plague called mercenary. They forget how is good to treat others well without thinking in have return. The main word of their tongues was money. They killed because of money. One day was made an international decision between countries in each they had decided to banned money from earth and give to some choosed ones online coins because of their brave hearts. The others that killed for money after the decision died of hungry because their hearts was full of bad intentions. They only saw bad. Life was presenting them with love, respect, gratitude, but they got lost and perish in their way because they were very much blind to see the light.

The moral is: Use only the force for good and never use money for bad. Money is for protection and dignity. If you got no money is because you are not making enough efforts to have a dream job or just a job.


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