Book Pinocchio, 1940.

You can read to your kids.

Where'd all the
donkeys come from?

Come on, come on.
Let's have another.

And what's your name?

Okay, you'll do! In you go!

You boys'll bring a nice price.

All right, next!

- And what might your name be?
- Alexander.

Hmm, so you can talk.

Ye-Yes, sir. I wanna
go home to my mama!

Take him back!
He can still talk!

Please, please! I don't
wanna be a donkey!

- Let me outta here!
- Quiet!

You boys have had your fun.
Now pay for it.

"Boys"? So that's what--

Ha! To hear that beetle talk,

you'd think somethin'
was going to happen to us.

Conscience. Nah, phooey!

Where does he get that stuff?

"How do you ever expect
to be a real boy?"

What's he think
I look like, a jackass?

You sure do!

Hey, you laugh like a donkey.

Did that come out of me?



What the-- What's goin' on?

I've been double-crossed!
Help! Help!

Somebody, help!
I've been framed! Help!

Please, you gotta help me.
Oh, be a pal.

Call that beetle! Call anybody!

Mama! Mama!
- Oh, what's happened?
- I hope I'm not too late.

What'll I do?
- Pinocchio!
-Jiminy! Oh,Jiminy, help!

Wait, Pinoke! The kids,
the boys, they're all donkeys!

Oh, you too!

Come on, quick!
Before you get any worse.

This way, Pinoke.
It's the only way out.

01:06:16,360 --> 01:06:19,564
Hurry up... before they see us.

You gotta jump!

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