Report one. 8:00 – 8:50

It’s a big Scandal indeed…(no more reports, but i hope that some authority fix it)…It’s a kind of torture because one time ok, but for almost one year, i can’t understand, i was thinking many theories. I feel no desire to make sex it’s not that, it’s really about Nano Robots, the real reason only the country that gave me the vaccine has the real explanation. It’s a scientific matter, not empirical, not amateur, not dirty thing it’s really serious.

Report 05.01 – 11:30h, 15h, 17:51h

Report 06.01 – 11:06, 18:52, 2:05 (pray to God)

16:47 started again now! …

01.01.21 22:06. Don’t do anything if you feel something like this. I have many theories. Nano robots, vaccines. Protect your kids. They are connected with us. Freeze.

I already know. We are connected.

Some scientist can explain it?

This one deserves a special post…

To all people that has hair loss without reason…even if you are vegan like me for example…

Well, these are two samples the same brand of shampoo with different textures and smell. The most interesting is that it’s original color was little ton of green because is of Olive. Now is testified that there are some problems with this brand. How i know? Because the first time i bought it the effect was immediate, my hair was very beautiful and bright, I was very happy, and the smell I cannot forget, it’s very peculiar and until now is on my olphative memory, that’s is impecable.

My advice is to the companies to change the opening of the top. It’s very easy to make fraud.

And why i’m talking about this?

Because i’m almost without hair…If i didn’t find this problem in time, someone could say like a doctor for example that i could have Cancer….insteresting isn’t it???

Conclusion: Both are not the original product and it’s vulnerable to fraud.

Mothers Save the world!

The world are the kids.

Message of a mom to all moms around the world.

Stay with your kids when…

You are cleaning,

You are breathing,

You are On Social Media,

You are at the Supermarket, take them with you…

Buy a protector watch.

You are at home.

You are sleeping.

Everywhere! While they are little they are vulnerable, never forget.

Don’t give chance.

Relatives, help the mothers.

If you see a pedophilia case report anonymously if you are afraid.

A nation with healthy kids will be stronger than a nation that has a lot of kids with trauma.

Your kid can be someone that will develop your country one day.

Save them now. The future are the kids.

All the moms(girls) make up and eyes 200% open!😍🤩

Chanel show 03.12.20

Le Chatêau des Dames – Chanel 20/21 Métiers d’art collection.

One of the most beautiful show i ever saw. I was kind talking alone, wow…beautiful…perfect…wow…got crazy indeed! 😂.

The collection is simple totally read to wear, for me it’s design it’s very close to our diary life. The models were super focused, they really understood that the brand is above. All the models are really beautiful. Love it! ✨✨✨✨