Kilogram Control.

Two things that I am against: Waste and fraudulent scales and more…that someone who claims to be my friend call me a thief and in this very establishment have their scams defrauded.

1 Apple 100, 130kg = 6 apples (780kg), not 1,240kg. – So…for a damage apple, the price should go down.

Don’t estimate my intelligence or my ignorance how you prefer.

Thank you very much. That’s the way the money goes…

The good ones of another store together with the bad ones.
The most expensive apple in the Planet. 4 for only 9. The original price is 12 for only 2. And it’s cheaper than that…balança fraudulenta.

Guess what?

⚕️Check up at doctor regularly.

🛐 Always pray for protection (the devil cannot attack your body and warm you).

🚼 The baby move inside your body, he can goes to your back so the doctor cannot see him. Maybe it’s controlled by the chip.

☣️ Also it can be a parasite(worm) that is controlled to attack your body. Obs: They make sounds like they are talking to you. Drink constantly medicine. Chloroquine is also a worm’s medicine.

Mom’s eyes opened on your children. Check up at the doctor also. Listen their tummy to see if has heartbeat (exactly in the tummy)

Did you see something like that in your eyes once in a lifetime? Or heard someone that had the same experience?

G-O-T-O-V-I – Gotovi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some information: The person was not in the hospital and this is not happening to the person in question, happened to another person or child. The person only saw it but knew that was not happening to herself.

Flash light in the Eye, once in a lifetime, and if this person had a child. This person must to be a woman, not a men, most precisely a mother.

Some war tatics for begginers…

Write in a book all the CODES of your Notes for example: L111809160G (you will know where your money goes)
Put your coins before sleep ON the Table. If you are more Paranoic take pictures in an OLD camera. Not on your cellphone for security. (This battle is in the case you are a robot while sleep and your coins disappear or maybe a magician enter your room and took your coins) 🕵️‍♀️👩‍🎤

If you have a voice, just use it. Lady Gaga.

What are you waiting for? Instead of say, let’s do it. Challenging you right now…something that should be created everyday on the internet, let’s save our planet, not tomorrow, but now, i’m inviting you and i also would like to contribute. To all my friends around the world.

Reusable grocery bags… We don’t need plastics.

Here everyday people trough away their trash without plastic bags. Just go to the supermarket and take your everyday bag. Let’s just do our part. Another day i read an impacting article about the plastics that our fishes are eating them and this can go trough our bodies, so why we still use plastic bags? Why the supermarkets are offering this? Let’s just don’t use this.

There is a concept ProblemxSolution so if the problem are the plastics and humans are also a problem because they don’t contribute, i ask myself, genius! Eureca! Let’s not use plastics, so we will not be responsible anymore. The fact it’s not humans are guilty about this but the cycle of the problem is that industries don’t stop to producing plastics and we don’t stop to consuming it. So why don’t we stop now???? don’t be a puppet and try to decide now stop to use plastics, but don’t through it away on the streets. When it concerns about our planet never is a waste of time.

Start Now

The way that should be.

It is true that you cannot eliminate the risk of getting coronavirus (COVID-19) and there’s no specific miracle cure, food, or supplement guaranteed to protect you from catching it. But one thing you can do is eat as healthily as possible. Our immune systems are designed to fight off sickness and viruses. The only best way to protect yourself is to boost your immunity so that if you do get exposed to the virus, your body can effectively fight back. So, if you’re not in the habit of eating a variety of fruits, veggies, and lean sources of protein, now is a good time to start. Switch to a healthy diet including the following immune boosting superfoods to stay safe from diseases. (By DR. SEEMA NANDA.)

About Drugs or dependency of them.

Once one Hebrew, very rich, one of those few that has ELITE power information said:

Once you get inside this world of Drugs or some kind of dependency substance, you cannot get out. It will be very difficult, maybe you can succeed, but has no warranty.

The big point of this is: The industry make these kind of substances so strong, so they cannot stop consuming it. People, mainly young ones, they don’t think about future, they are excited about the new discoveries and new friends, and all the glamour behind. They get seduced and dive into it, in the beginning it can be very cool, fashion and attractive, that’s why these drugs were created, to give the person some kind of satisfaction or temporary happiness.

My advice, simple as this could be is. Don’t Start. Rich or Poor, don’t start inside this kind of thing, it’s almost without return.

In the beginning we are all angels, i don’t see any reason why we cannot continue to be as adults. Let’s make good choices in our journey.

When i think that things cannot be worse than this.

Non stop laughing at my poor situation. True history.

Maybe two weeks ago i was here in my little place and without no reason i started to feel shocks at my foot. So i couldn’t sleep. :). Was at night. Everywhere i went at home i was feeling shock. I was checking of wich place this could come so i found some cable connected here in the other floor. I left my apartment and was seriously thinking that i must to go somewhere else. The problem was… i was without money and i had nowhere to sleep 😂.

Very well.. i was sharing my situation with some cat around here and i came back to my appartment…And i was thinking…where i will sleep? Maybe on the table? In the hall? So no options… I sat on my chair and was covered by my blanket to see if i could not receive some shock again… In fact i was feeling this and decided to go to bed (with shock of course! :). I was thinking if God wish me to die today i will. And i prayed: “God i give you my soul, take care of me and if is your desire to me to die eletrocked this shall be”. I closed my eyes and slept. The other day i was alive again and for my happiness no shock.

I wrote to the energy company to complain about this cable and of course they could shed some light in the situation. I didn’t receive any answer about this what was very strange.

The time passed and Saturday 16.01 happened again. I was searching for information on the internet and I found in a site called Hiller (rsrsrs). They explained that In the winter in low temperatures the houses can be little shocked…of course I don’t believe in this because I’m living here for long 6 years and I can tell you I never saw something like this before. Something new like the salt I saw on the streets yesterday (another history)…

Very well…yesterday i saw my kids. We had a nice day, with snow outside and cold. All day without shock, but at night alone 19h it happened again. I decided to call to the owner of the building and I talked with his wife. Of course she didn’t believe me because she never heard about this before, but I was very categorical – “You can come here now and you will see that I’m talking the Truth”. She could not come so again I was thinking in sleep on my table. “Very well, after the conversation The shock was over” and again I’m here alive to tell this history.

Have a nice day and remember to thank God to be alive.