Our friend came today

Just to say, i’m here by your side.


Observe this video in 24:16 – update they already changed the original video. Now is false.

This person made the video with many random videos. God Showed up in one video in 24:16. It’s so amazing, so comforting, he is showing up to show us he is coming here with us, simple appears there in the sky…

Appears and continue to be in movement. I took print screen just in case if someone wants to delete.

Pupil dilation 9 mm.

I’m watching this movie right now, trying to understand. It’s a very interesting movie.

Called The Devil Inside, 2012, about exorcism investigation. It’s real. So, let’s observe the eyes, that are the portal of the soul. Dilated Pupil, about the behavior must to say Aggression without limits, screaming without reason, mocking too much, disdain, putting you down all the time, depressive behavior, behavior variation, better take a look very carefully.

What Bible says about Possession:

“As we were going to the place of prayer, we were met by a slave girl who had a spirit of divination and brought her owners much gain by fortune-telling. She followed Paul and us, crying out, “These men are servants of the Most High God, who proclaim to you the way of salvation.” And this she kept doing for many days.

Paul, having become greatly annoyed, turned and said to the spirit:

“I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her.” And it came out that very hour”

Better everybody start to learn about the Bible, read more and please, don’t ignore GOD anymore.

So, based on this movie the eyes are very much easier to identify and of course the abnormal behavior.

“Possession might be defined as the direct action of the Devil, operating on an individual whose own sins had exposed them to this terrible fate (Briggs 131).” It is crucial to realize that a possession can’t and won’t occur without the consent, however minimal, of the victim. This consent predominately takes the form of past sins and regrets.

When a person is demonically possessed, he or she suffers from a complete seizure of their personality by a diabolical being. This allows the demon to dominate their person allowing them to become, even somewhat physically, that demonic being.

“The Jesuit professor Dr. Malachi Martin, in Hostage to the Devil, outlines the stages of possession: The actual entry point, when the evil spirit first enters the victim; a stage of erroneous judgments by the possessed in vital matters, perhaps including the making of unethical choices; the voluntary yielding of control by the possessed person to the invading spirit, even though he knows the spirit is alien to his personality; and finally, perfect possession (Guiley 90).”

It is important to note that demonic possession is not the automatic explaination for unexplained behavior. Typically those viewed as “possessed” were merely afflicted by some mental condition unknown or untreated. In addition, exorcism is not the desired treatment. If the victim is truly possessed by demons, determined by authorities of the Church, then, and only then, may an exorcism occur.

Signs of Possessions

Paranormal Capabilities
Superhuman Strength
Knowledge of Previously Unknown Languages
Unnatural Body Movements
Speaking in Tongues (glossolalia)
Appearance of Wounds that Vanish as Quickly as they Appear
Thinking Oneself Possessed
Leading a Wicked Life
Living Outside the Rules of Society
Being Persistently Ill, Falling into Heavy Sleep and Vomiting Strange Objects
Making a Pact with the Devil
Being Troubled by Spirits
Being Tired of Living
Being Uncomfortable, Ugly, and Violent
Making Sounds and Movements like an Animal

Another proof! They are travelling all the time.

The problem is that in big cities we cannot see this proof of the existence of GOD and the Angels because the cities are very much polluted. I had this picture and i didn’t know it. You see…GOD is amazing isn’t it? Give him your attention, he is always helping us. (This is not photoshop). If i din’t see with my own eyes, maybe i could be more skeptical, but now i know.

Some things that really drive me crazy.

# I took chock when i was kid and continue to take chock almost everyday.

#I hate people that talk on REPEAT, it drives me CRAZY. If you say the same phrase or word all the time for hours i think you are a psychopath or CRAZY!!!!

#I don’t like people that talk to me if i don’t know this person.

#I don’t like people lie to me, for example, to say – you don’t have a neighbor in the floor and still i know that the neighbor is there making a lot of annoying sounds in unproperly time and disturbing me for months, making party at 01:00 at morning, screaming, drive me crazy.

#People that scream at me without I do nothing!!!

#I like something or someone and everybody runs to take it!

#The words: – Wait, Ready, Must to pay me, are the most Hateful words that i really don’t want to hear!!!!

#People that try very hard to make me TO BE CRAZY i get CRAZY only to think that some people really think that i’m stupid!



The very hungry Caterpillar

Great lesson. Are you still hungry?

“When you look at me, you fall, When you look at GOD you rise.

Please, don’t use me like an excuse to commit crimes or abuse kids, don’t use me like an excuse to create musics or to fulfill your EGO. I’m not talking about me. I’m not in your middle. What’s is yours is yours ok? I’m attached only to my kids, very concerned about them.

Try to think about GOD all the time. Do you believe that he is happy with you? If yes, good, you understood what he wants from you, if not, you can ask for the Holy spirit to help you and try to fix yourself.

I’m a fixer, and you?

Never give up on your dreams

Gift from my mom, already 1 year passed since she came here. I will give like a gift “You are Irreplaceable”. Augusto Cury to my kids, already i translated in this foreign language so they can practice Portuguese.

“We need to solve our secret monsters, our clandestine wounds, our hidden insanity. We can’t never forget that dreams, motivation, the desire of being free help us to overcome these monsters, beat them and use them as servant of our intelligence”. Augusto Cury.

Good morning you all.

God’s words. He sees that i’m trying to read the sky a while to find messages from him. He is showing pictures of what will come. I confess that I’m very reluctant to share this, because of the people without Faith, so this is a prove that we must to be very courageous, trust in what he said and share. This is the only way we break barriers and old stigmas. Americans and Europeans make a lot of reading of the sky and every star, to see what God is talking, they are sharing on Instagram everyday, that’s why I got interested in Nasa’s content, he makes many draws in the Galaxies.

In my conception is very difficult for Satan manipulate the Clouds and the Stars. He cannot manipulate the position of a Sun or a Star or a Cloud, I believe that he lost his wings when God sent him to earth. I posted a video previously when I was at the river, my favourite place here, and he showed one message. Actually was a complete scenario of his coming. The clouds can really be transformed in pics. So this is what he showed me.

♡ He showed a King with a Crowd in his head, was the Prince of England Harry.

♡ He showed also his face, his is a Day Ancient.

♡ He showed the Thrones of some kings in the sky ( spiritual kings).

♡ He showed that he will come with his Throne and many Angels and he will destroy the devil.

♡ He draw a bone of the Death with a X close to it, in my conception he will kill the Death.

♡ He showed a mother with a baby in her hands.

You can check the previous post I did, was a video… you will see the date, I was in the river.

Yesterday again he showed up and shared this:

♡ He will come in the Sky with many Angels.

♡ He showed that I and my kids are Angels, he putted us by his left side in the sky, that means I’m an Angel and I and my kids will become spirit one day and we will be with him.

♡ He showed a big picture of a Dragon in the Sky, that means his second coming is related with the Dragon.

I didn’t take pictures. I read and thought to left this message to myself because of the judges. But I think we should ask for answers and he will talk to us. He said for the people that have big faith he can make big things.

Why I saw these two messages? Because I was asking for many answers. I have many doubts in my heart of what I must to do. But I was thinking if this message is really from him? Satan can manipulate the Sky? Fact was the day was very clear, I saw no Shadow in the Sky, i took pictures, everything was very white so my conclusion is that Satan and his deamons were not there. I think also this place is a Portal (Gate) of the Heaven’s. Because of the Angel’s trace, like they enter in this Sky, like a Street very very interesting. So, here is our GOD, with his Angels, he showed them by his left and right side no in the front, like a Unique Line.

This one I saw on Instagram but in fact what I saw was some wings so so like these wings and he always in the center. Like in the picture above. I received a message, that’s why he is talking to me, for me to trust that’s is real. I’m reluctant because the Governments are also reluctant to give the power to the saints. They continue to be corrupt, that’s why I decided to go back to my country and not continue in Europe. They are treating me very bad here in this place. For me to leave my kids. They planned this since the beginning as you saw in passport. I found some conversation in a book when they say that they will take my kids from me!.
I found the Picture, i gave zoom at the moment i took, the position was far, so i could see perfectly.

Mark of the Beast

Yes, we will refuse it. It’s almost like a Script, they follow Step by Step until they trap you. We are protected by God’s Law. Russia said that they will not fulfill the mark of the beast, let’s get connected and eyes open on this.

What God said? Let’s read again to not forget:

Ap. 20:4 I saw thrones, and those seated on them were given the authority to judge. Yes, I saw the souls of those who were executed because of the testimony they gave of Jesus, and because they spoke about God, I saw those who had not worshiped the beast or its image and had not received the mark on their foreheads and hands. They returned to live and reigned with Christ for a thousand years.

Ap. 20:6 Happy and holy is everyone who has a part in the first resurrection, the second death has no authority over them, but they will be priests of God and of Christ, and will reign with him for a thousand years.