Until when? – Update

Yesterday i was searching to unblock my IP code, i was having problems, some websites wеrе not reading and i don’t know but has something with it. I downloaded Command Prompt and i Putted a CODE for change my IP address and changed it. After that i Was complaining and in a instant the Connection of my LEFT EAR got DOWN!!!! I was not Connected anymore! Has a kind of connection with the ANTENA in my computer has something for sure!!!!

IT’s proved that we can put this MARK down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Symptoms: Wave radio in the left ear.
  • Pinched inside your body, as if they were needle.
  • A microorganism like it’s dust coming down in your left eye.
  • USA is the autor of this in the Brazilian population?
  • I never authorized implant of chip in my body. NEVER.
  • Who will pay for this?
  • Until when?
  • You know, we will never accept this.
  • I will let open to discussion for all governments.
  • And yes, i’m feeling very tired of this bulshit.


God showing his power!

Different Videos. Showing how he takes the stock of water to make reposition where it needs. He is working to the balance of the Planet. He asked me to share with you. So, here it is. Don’t doubt that GOD listens and helps you. And he is powerful. A super powerful Spiritual force acting in the sky. Amem!

Dragon is already here – update

The proof! Let’s pray to our GOD! He warned in the sky but i was thinking that is not for now!

Well, let’s continue…

The surprise passed. I have no words, i was expecting something to happen here it is. God is really talking in the sky. Everybody looking at the sky and praying. We will not surrender. Let’s the enemy of all Christians show up. For now he is hiding in the sky. (IT’S NOT SCI-FI). SAY NO TO THE MARK OF THE BEAST. THERE IS NO OUTSIDER, GOD WAS VERY CLEAR.



I downloaded it. So we can have a copy. These things must to be taken very fast.

Continuing…I was to make some search on the internet and found a news from 2016. A footage video of a Dragon…

It’s alive and now 100% is real. In Europe we don’t lie. There is no fake news like in Brazil. All the books are based in their lives and all books are real. When is something almost impossible maybe can be fantasy but always is disfarced of real history. As we see he lives in the mountains.

Later I will download the video.

Observation: The fire in the Amazon, Australia…is the Dragon.

Here the video link, Newspaper Irish Mirror, he is flying around Chinese mountains.

Irish Mirror news about the dragon’s footage

Security Alert for all Brazilians about the gipsy invasion in bulgaria and another countries included brazil.

UPDATE 15.04.22: After 1 year in Brazil i have more info to you. How to recognize them? They are brown, not BLACK like the negans.

They are mixed with Asians and here i’m surprised that they are mixed with Amazon Indians too. So, i don’t have to tell you that in our Villages in distant areas of Amazon are full of them. I was investigating corruption cases in our Cities in Amazon, i saw many gypsies like politicians. I don’t know even if these people made public exams to stay there. I already checked, they are inside the Police in Manaus and many public departments. They are not honest, so i don’t recommend to mix with these lines. They mixed with white too in Europe and United States, that’s why they are better than the people here in Amazon, here the people are not so polite. They lie a lot. Some countries defend that they must to mix to create another line variation, so they can disminish the corruption and line distortion. This can be a solution, but here in Amazon i don’t see anyone that are good to mix, really. Our city is a big garbage dump and destruction.

They are pedophilians, if you are above 30 you are not interesting anymore, that’s a strong signal that the man with this characteristics is an abuser, also they abuse animals. Here in my mother’s building they abused kids and animals. They don’t respect the law, this means, they are out of law. Even if in Brazil we have law for everything they totally ignore it. They kill without remorse, in the same proportion that they steal, they don’t regret.

Also what i want to share, all the Blows were installed in the system because of them, to achieve their goal. They love HIGH prices, now in Manaus everything is so EXPENSIVE, i cannot believe when i saw in Downtown, one PIZZA R$66,00. Before i leave Manaus, the Pizza was R$25,00. In São PAULO’s airport, the price was R$90,00, i could not believe in what i saw.

About the industry: Many products had their formula changed, like toothpaste for example, is not the same formula of 5 years ago. The shampoos also got worse in quality. When i first came, my mother was paying for drink water, the water had medicine inside, like Dipirona or something close to it. I immediately felt it, and I forced her to change the water and we started to drink normal water, she really got better, before she was all the time complaining of pain, and one year after i don’t listen a word that she is feeling pain.

About The regional food: Also the formulas are not the same, they changed many formulas, i was thinking that this happened because the people that made the original formulas were killed or something else happened, maybe the composition of the components to do the regional food was changed.

The wheat i eat is not wheat, the oil also is not oil, our paprika is not the same, worsened the quality of powdered milk. Everything is much worse than before. I complained about the fruits, specially bananas and whatermelon, now we are receiving better quality, with original flavour, maybe before they used some kind of fertilizer or pesticide that changed the original flavor of the fruits.

My first text when i Left Bulgaria:

I’m doing a serious complaint against the Gypsy invasion in every country in the world, Brazil included, because they are already here in Brazil and Manaus for more than 5 years as i see. They invade your apartment while you sleep and they kill the families there. They cut them in pieces so no one can find proof against them. First they study your family and after that they start to create confusion with you. They make a lot of noise, talk very much late at night, put high music. During the day they disappear, you almost cannot find them.

Some tips:

  • Speak only in Portuguese (use your regional accent, show your culture, they are nationalists, they do not copy your accent). They believe in ALA. (They are not fighting for England).
  • Eat something that only has in your city, they do not like FARINHA for example.
  • Do not Steal
  • Do not invade houses or apartments (they do this).
  • For the companies, all Brazilians must to take place in the companies, give preference to the best places to Brazilians.
  • Pay attention for people that talk in another language. They can be criminals of another country, if they want to steal.
  • If in your community people start to disappear without clue, it’s a signal of foreign crimes.
  • Avoid to let your house/apartment alone.
  • Avoid to give the security of your building to foreigns. If it’s mixed with Brazilians and live long years in Brazil it’s ok.
  • The most crimes in Europe, when many Europeans disappeared these crimes where committed by Gypsies. They cut people and do not let any clue, they cook, put in the oven and make people to be ashes. They steal people’s heart, liver.

This way we will separate who are the Brazilians and who are not.

If your building has some areas that can hide antenas, pay attention, mainly in the last floor, close very well and the key must to be with the owner or syndic.

Don’t be intimidated by gypsy behavior. When you notice, the whole building can be taken over by the Gypsies and the Brazilians can be extinguished. I’m not joking.

Buy an internal lock like this. Or the best you can. My door is already over protected with unique lock, no one in Brazil has. 🙂. If someone make a copy is registered to police to know it. For investigation.

They usually have an adaga,
Here it is the proof! Translating: Nação contra o terror cigano e invasão. /Não ao Terror Cigano. Eu realmente fui aterrorizada por mais de 1 ano. Eles inclusive entraram no meu apartamento. Eram muito barulhentos e inconvenientes.

I came from a very distant land…

Where the birds say – “Good Morning” and they are very happy in their spring dance. I witnessed a family of birds that had come back from the south, they made their house at my window, they were talking to each other while they were building the house, it’s the most fantastic thing in the world! You know, not many people are open to this! Everything is alive and conscious! Believe me Septimus was not crazy! 🎉🎆🕵️‍♀️


Was really nice, i met my best friend Lorenzzo. He is the best! We spent all the time at a book store, it’s really big. We also eat “Pastel” it’s a delicious snack, remembered the old times. Now they have a lot of varieties, in my old time we had like 4 flavors, now they have 100 :)… the things are very modern now :), was difficult to choose.

He gave me a gift, i loved it. Actually i was there to find a book of Andressa Urach, she talks about her transformation of experience a death, she had a encounter with GOD and he made a judgment for her, she was condemned to Hell. Really sad, she asked for a second chance and he said to her that she must to do everything different this time. They told that they don’t have her book there. It’s a pity i really want to read. I will find next time.

To the stubborn condemned burg.

A #1 New York Times bestseller, named a Best Book of 2020 by the New York Public Library, Time, Bloomberg, and more! The author who became a legend of the historical nonfiction genre with The Devil in the White City chronicles the leadership of Winston Churchill amid the drama of the London Blitz. “A bravura performance by one of America’s greatest storytellers” (NPR).