Manaus a great experience! It’s almost to make a travel to many cities, wow! Loved it! I didn’t take more pics because i was without battery, that’s the reason i ran for the time!

This is how we do! 🙂

I want to say, was a day full of emotions, i saw so many things that we used to eat or do when i was child. So amazing, i would like my kids to be here to taste everything. I was in the bus, was really cool, i forgot to take some money and if i didn’t remember in time i could not come back home, totally without money, i scream in the BUS to my mom, and got out of the bus to reach her. So, in the path i was remembering many things, my best friend, my first job, the first mall of our city, and how many times i got the bus to go to the University. It’s really cool to come back to Manaus. The weather was reasonable, i didn’t get burned.

  1. I found their YO-YO finally, the same when i was kid i bought them for the next year.
  2. Saw the same rice for kids, we call this “sweet rice” they are really delicious and is great to get distracted;
  3. Eat the PICOLÉ, i was very happy, do you know how we eat picole in this weather? Fast as you can! You eat and it goes melting, fell on my hands and shoes, 🙂 the flavour i choose was BURITI, i have many memories of BURITI, i was eating it green and without patience, really nice! I saw the threes of Buriti in the Path, i still remember the man, – Olha o Buriti, Açai, screaming on the street next to our houses, really cool;
  4. The chewing gum that I ate with my brothers;
  5. The little honey, we call “Melzinho” I used to suck walking at the bus station, many things, fried bananas, I even found a rarity, a red fruit called Jambo, so sweet and delicious, Castanha da Amazonia, a fruit called Tucumã, i loved it! but I didn’t want to spend more money, so for the next time.
  6. I found a super big Tree, amazing! Big leaves!
  • Buriti, Picole, Manaus
  • Honey little package
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I was disappointed with some dirt and destruction in the city’s heritage, it’s a pity, we should preserve instead, everything is so beautiful, i was feeling that i was in Bulgaria in the first park, the “pichação” it’s not so cool for a public monument…for sure it makes all the difference. I’m full of memories of this epic day. I prefer not to get in so many details because is very personal to me.

  • manaus, downtown, 2021

The Port of the Boats, also the water of our river was very polluted. I was asking myself, why we should wait to clean all this trash? I really get so bothered, because people act like it’s normal and let the monuments go on for so many years…Things are in the time for change! And i would like to say, this is not normal! It’s almost like to say that we like to live in the Dirty!…

I was in the traditional market, with so many handicrafts, beautiful and rare, each one a super work of art, wow! Amazing! There you can find many medicinal remedies and teas. The big Market is really amazing, i bought Farinha to my mom, was not expensive. Follow the pics.

The interesting part of this was a man, he was peeing on a wall, i told him, please Mr. don’t do this!

Another man, with a bicycle listening music, and another man sleeping under the Three. 🙂 The worse part is the dirty without doubt, i think it’s not cool.

Walking in the Eletronics area the prices are so high, i was asking myself like, please, can you give me some discount?

I cannot deny i don’t like the pollution, but this time i could breath, the city was little empty, it’s not the same for sure, i enjoyed and of course i did it in so little time, i walked very much. This time i didn’t fall on the streets, almost…

The Belle Époque Style – Beautiful!

  • Amazon Theater
  • Amazon Theater

I really enjoyed, was a very good exercise, to look at my city and see so much beauty! I have more pics but in another opportunity i may share.

Have a good day! Xoxo.

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