The day that i saw a vampire


They are in Bulgaria already. I was living there for 6 years and never saw, but before i left something happened, and God wanted me to discover. The history is deeper than this. You know i have kids there so i prefer not to give so many details, but i would like you consider that, before this, i know the existence of GOD, himself, the almighty and spirit. And here i’m in Manaus, Thank GOD without vampires (i hope). I’m just sharing because i want you to stop with suicide, i hope this can be in the past already, and so you can understand that GOD is real (believe me). Keep your faith strong and you can share 100% this is an accurate content. I hate lies, so you share and help someone in despair and delusion. Let’s save lives. Be careful with these free people in Europe they can be Vampires.

Details: I saw the vampire at night, he is a citizen, that’s why we must to be careful, i aproached to ask not only an information but, his teeth grew when he saw me, after that he controlled himself and he talked normally, i was scared/surprised, but i tried to be nice and continued to behave normally, i didn’t know that he was one, because he was outside normally during the day, and we were neighbors. In Bulgaria the temperature is very low during 8 months, only in the summer is hot, i mean, maybe he was transformed after the summer. He didn’t bite me, i’m a normal person., maybe because he was fed and also i’m a foreigner, he knew it. We talked before, normally.

As i said, the history is deeper, tragic. The person itself knows exactly what i’m talking about. No more details. He is in DEBT with the society. What people have to know is that vampires are not just history. That’s why i was searching to know and understand the variations, how they behave, how they lie, what the connection of vampires and zombies, i spent a lot of time searching, which made me believe that zombies are also real. If you watch all the movies about zombies you will perceive that Zombies and Vampires are extremely close in reaction. They took the vampire blood and created a kind of infection, that’s why people have a time like minutes or 2 hours to be transformed in zombies after they are bit. There is a kind of blood that goes in the veins in the face of the Zombies it’s the same thing that happens with the Vampires.

That’s why for the politicians are easy to deny this matter, because the vampires are also infiltrated in politics and they own big companies. France for me is the Big house of the Vampires, as well England and USA. Of course they will deny, untill when, i don’t know. There are vampires that are normal people during the day with families, that are a lot of different situations, they are not acting animals all the time. They are civilized, if they eat, they can stay without bite you, you can talk with them normally, maybe some of them don’t wanna be hunted like an animal, that’s why they hide and lie. In many cases you cannot perceive if they are unless the teeth grows, if they do these theeth modifications, maybe you cannot recognize.

For me Bulgaria is important in the first place because of my kids, i don’t wanna my kids to be Vampires and Everybody there to be Vampires, Bulgaria is a little country, so we must to stop their actions, because this is like a virus, can spread rapidly in question of days. This is really a serious matter. I want my kids to come back to Brazil because of this. I wish they to go to the church here with me, to pray to God, to know him more. Bulgaria desappointed me in many ways. I hope Bulgaria knows what they are doing.

Do you believe in God? If yes, good, i’m very happy for you, if not, start to believe now. Everything in this world is possible. I’m not surprised anymore.

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