Aconteceu aqui no Brasil – Vampiro saindo da igreja

Os vampiros não aparecem na câmera. Com certeza era uma pessoa normal, não sabemos as razões, mas já virou um, pra informação nós vemos a pessoa normalmente sem problemas, se estiverem alimentados não vão fazer mal, fato é que a pessoa fica sem imagem na câmera.

O pastor pensou que era um anjo. Na minha opinião não era anjo porque eles são espíritos. Veja você que a pessoa abriu a porta normalmente. Quando eu estava na Bulgaria um anjo entrou na minha casa batendo asas à noite antes de eu dormir, era umas 22h. Daí ouvi que entrou pela janela fechada, foi no inverno de 2021. Faz um barulho de atravessamento e faz um vácuo, tipo Tum, atravessei… Não sabia se era anjo bom ou mau, mas fiz uma oração na frente dele, fechei o olho e dormi. Nada me aconteceu. Ele saiu de manhã do meu quarto atravessando a janela de vidro assim que amanheceu. Ele apertou com a mão a embalagem do óleo de cozinhar. Fez um barulho tipo alguém amassando. Talvez ele queria dizer que era búlgaro. O óleo era de 🌻. Eu tive realmente várias visitações antes de voltar, nem gosto de falar sobre isso, enfim. É triste TD isso que está ocorrendo. Vão pras igrejas, se eu fosse vocês eu buscaria a cura espiritual. As testemunhas de Jeová são uma excelente organização, claro todas as igrejas de Deus são abençoadas. Umas a gente sente mais a presença de Deus. Só não vá nessas que os pastores gritam muito. Deus é pacífico e não gosta de gritos.


All of us are dead

I’m watching now, T1:E2. Since the beginning you get impacted, God sent a strong rain and rays, telling: -I’m watching you!

The students got infected in the school, a rat in the laboratory bit one student and again the domino effect. A teacher that got the PHD in Biology in the USA, and brought it to Korea, i don’t know why he had a infected rat there, his own son got infected and he killed him with a Bible. No one until now knows from where it came, but could be also the government used him as a cobain to cover their responsibility or he is a traitor in the system, or he was developing alone, he didn’t talk why. Whatever, the problem is the level of supervision needs to be redoubled in the schools now.

The interesting about the infection is, the moment that the infection is completed, the virus kills the person’s body, breaking their own bones. It’s involuntary and after that they want to bite, i saw some people and observed that they didn’t eat, they only bit and run to kill another. It’s like they are being controlled for someone that has the only intention to KILL. I saw already many movies, in The walking dead for example, they felt the necessity to eat, maybe because inside they are normal people but they were just hungry, because they were long time without food. Yesterday I was watching the Z Nation and a doctor had a conversation with a zombie and the zombie got quiet and paying attention, like he was listening. Untill now I could not prove the interference of the Nano robots, maybe is just the own virus inside the body that act by their own will. The doctor’s said that the virus has more strong will of survive, but interesting 🤔 the virus is not eating other bodies, this virus is only biting. What do you Think 💬?

All of us are dead
All of us are dead movie
All of us are dead
All of us are dead

29th January, i watched all the 12 episodes, since yesterday I finished now (13:30pm), i would like to say that the Koreans are so nice. I have no words. They are not only supportive, but young people have a great sense of teamwork. Of an entire school, only 7 survived, and a few more hybrids in according to this Korean.

The most important of all of this is, the virus cannot spread. They gathered all of them and exploded after. God was there too, helped them with rain and thunders, to disperse the zombies that are sensitive to noise because their senses get amplified, they have the same symptoms like a vampire transformation. They get strength and are also hungry all the time, to get energy and maybe to multiply.

To the spiritual side, after the infection these people didn’t die. What this can be? They said that they are Assimptomatics, but the incredible that occurred was that one friend of them fall of a higher building maybe three times and didn’t die. He had a bad character, i don’t know if this is the reason, i mean, is good to be good, to redemp yourself. And every time he woke was like nothing happened to his brain and conscious, he was the same. Maybe his soul don’t let his body. He died only in the explosion.

These are the main points. Watch your ⚖️ your measures and may God be with you and your Spirit.


Laboratory of genetic manipulations, with vampires and humans. Everything you listen or see it’s not casualty. We go until they fall. How they foolish good Americans. They are taking revenge.

He said: Look at the world, war, poverty, i would say God has abandoned us. And i say, no, you are wrong. God already sent many messages. Don’t try to justify your bullshit.
What kind of petrol is that? It has conscious, needs a human hooster. They are coexisting but they are two conscious with different choices. Ed refused but this thing is threatning him, but it’s clear now that this thing doesn’t need him. I mean still we have our own decision. This thing also refused some hosts body’s, Christian’s bodys and people that have a high level of fear.
This doctor informed Ed and the man “Have a nice life”, putted her with this Petrol thing, and she refused to be the host and they both died. I don’t know why this thing died. The secret is we must to refuse to accept the Dark side, all these variations of Vampires blood or whatever they can create. Don’t betray God.
Weak point: Here the thing is explaining inside of him that the Resonance in the hospital they made affected it and almost killed this thing. They were in a top of a American build when the airplane passed and also the sound that the Airplane made almost killed this thing. 4.000-6.000 Hertz are letal it says.

Blood Red Sky.

I recommend everyone to watch this movie because it was a great test of what a mother is capable of doing with her free will and for the love of her child, even if she is a Vampire. She was aboard a plane full of psychopaths who hijacked the plane. One of them killed her and then she woke up as a vampire. In fact, she was already one, but she was taking medicines. She herself even transformed managed to show that vampires are still human, that they have feelings, but that animal instinct speaks louder when they feel threatened. The result was disastrous. All the passengers on the plane were transformed because of one hijacker, who chose to inject her vampire blood, transformed he bit several and thus giving the domino effect. The ending is not so happy, the plane lands but then the military are also got inside the plane and got transformed. What happened afterwards? 🩸

Fright Night, 1985

First of all, I would like to give my compliments to the brave William Ragsdale, He is a super hero indeed. I couldn’t find his profile on Instagram, maybe because he doesn’t have one, only Amanda Bearse on @mandyblvd, she posted a photo together. Really nice!😍

No one believed Charlie, but he never gave up. He was in the beginning fighting alone. First he told his mom, after that the Police officer that run from him, after his best friends Evil Ed that gave him some advice of how to kill a vampire and Amy after. Funny is that the vampire was invited by his mom to go inside his house, and even fought him in his room, after that he made alone a lot of crosses and putted a lot of candles in his room, really funny, he was terrified. He almost died. This movie is amazing, because is complete, you can see the entire transformation of this vampire’s line, his tricks and how to avoid to get trapped.

His friend asked: – For what is all of this?, and he answered: – For selfdefense 🙂

They asked help to Peter Vincent, @theofficialchrissarandon., a presenter of a Vampire Show, that didn’t believe Charlie and assumed that was afraid to help when he saw that the vampire had no reflection in the mirror.

The Vampire later transformed his two friends, first Evil Ed and after that Amy, i think Evil Ed that was the most crazy vampire i ever saw. After his transformation he went in Vicent’s house to bite him he is a kind of freaking vampire.

Evil Ed tranformed himself in a wolf, that’s explain the shape of the teeth
Emy transformation, her her grew and she became orange line, their eyes are a different brown, looks like Bronze.
When the sun hit his arm, he transformed himself in a kind of monster Bat. After that they managed to kill him with the SUN.

Changing the subject to talk about the Anti-Christ.

The coming of the Anti-Christ.

I’m super serious to announce after everything i studied and observed since i came back to Brazil is that the Anti-Christ will be a Vampire. That’s my intuition. In the future we will receive an announcement, the Devil wants to born like a man too or take a body, so that’s what God was talking, about the beasts and his image. He will show himself but for now he is hided, showing himself in our nightmares. All the pastors must to know, the Anti-Christ is not a normal man or a woman. No man or woman has a great power in this world because everything is supernatural and they are the real God’s enemies.

God really will come back because he must to give the CURE for the nations. For now what we have is that we know that they really exist, i saw another movie that they have a antidote already, and they continue to bite people, we know now how to avoid them and how to control this problem. They attack at night. I have a theory that they are infecting us in some way with their blood, that explains how the Devil vampire can communicate with us while we sleep. Must to be something or it’s a kind of magic. Of course, something must to be done. When I remember the horror in Bulgaria, mainly at night, what they did, and remember that they killed many people, I think that something must to be done about it, maybe not only because they were szgani, but maybe these ones were also Vampires, maybe they were together, some Bulgarians and the Szgani.

Their wish is to overcome us, not to exist together with us, but transform everyone. Of course God will not allow this for sure, we are protected, but when they need food they don’t think twice to suck the blood of the first human they see, they usually don’t transform Christians, they only kill them and suck all the blood to death.

Stay tunned! Share for good. They are boicoting my website a while, so i really need help to people to know the truth, because know the truth and the truth will set you free!


Maybe this is one of the few most warrior teams I’ve ever seen. They even fight these vampires from a super powerful bloodline. I think this is the bloodline that that arouses the most fear. These Vampires fly, they are more dead than alive, they are not normal vampires and they are really hard to kill. They have a lot of physical strength, big theeth hands and nails. I really wouldn’t want to find none of those. One of the hunters looks like Eugene from The Walking Dead. I’m posting to show the difference. I believe that these ones have necrotic dead blood inside, maybe they drunk dead blood from animals and other humans, which explains the level of violence. The woman who had been bitten could even see the vampire who had bitten her from a long distance, they were connected. The good news is when they killed some vampires in the SUN, a kind of field of rainbow appeared, I don’t know if it was the presence of angels or it was the aura of dead vampires, let’s hope that God will have mercy on these souls. I hope God will have mercy of some Vampires.

They are super equipped, they have developed their own equipment. In the Immortals of Istanbul series they also developed a series of weapons, even talked about patents.
The vampire I saw has the teeth of the Nesferatu, he’s not from that lineage, he was peaceful and controlled himself, he’s more like Istanbul. Possibly he was some victim of another vampire, that doesn’t mean the night when he hunts can’t be bad.
Don’t trust them, because it is proven that at the time of famine they do not respect the victim.
Here it is, like described by Jonas Harker, they can climb walls, fly and float.
Now imagine that you are traveling along the roads of the United States and you come across this group, with no chance of survival. They sleep underground.
Here Jack and Valek (Thomas Ian Griffith), he says that he is alive for 600 years, his name has origin of Czech and Slovak (Válek): from a pet form of the personal name Valentin, from Latin Valentinus (see Valentine), nd he called Jack, the hunter a Crusader.
The priest talking about he started to question his faith, if there is a God, Heaven, so, he justifies why he made alliance with the Vampire Valek, i cannot say if the entire Catholic Church is on their sides, but i hope not so. Answering the question, yes there is GOD, and he is in Heaven. This is 100% accurate information, i can tell you. Don’t loose your faith. To the Vampires don’t bite people, God continue to send visions. The last ones he showed fire balls coming of the sky.
The priest had no Visions or miracle that can make him believe in GOD. So, the Vampires now must to know that there is a powerful GOD that will not let this situation this way.
This is the color of the sky when they’re done killing.
That light that reflects around like the colors of the rainbow as I talked about at the beginning. It could be the aura of dead vampires or angels present. That light appeared when all the vampires were already dead.

Carpe diem – Seizing the moment

Tanya’s quote for today is: “Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect” As Tanya said in her post, this quote can be equally relevant to blogging as it is to life in general. Unless one is a professional blogger who is making money out of their blog, we have […]

Carpe diem – Seizing the moment