Fright Night, 1985

First of all, I would like to give my compliments to the brave William Ragsdale, He is a super hero indeed. I couldn’t find his profile on Instagram, maybe because he doesn’t have one, only Amanda Bearse on @mandyblvd, she posted a photo together. Really nice!😍

No one believed Charlie, but he never gave up. He was in the beginning fighting alone. First he told his mom, after that the Police officer that run from him, after his best friends Evil Ed that gave him some advice of how to kill a vampire and Amy after. Funny is that the vampire was invited by his mom to go inside his house, and even fought him in his room, after that he made alone a lot of crosses and putted a lot of candles in his room, really funny, he was terrified. He almost died. This movie is amazing, because is complete, you can see the entire transformation of this vampire’s line, his tricks and how to avoid to get trapped.

His friend asked: – For what is all of this?, and he answered: – For selfdefense 🙂

They asked help to Peter Vincent, @theofficialchrissarandon., a presenter of a Vampire Show, that didn’t believe Charlie and assumed that was afraid to help when he saw that the vampire had no reflection in the mirror.

The Vampire later transformed his two friends, first Evil Ed and after that Amy, i think Evil Ed that was the most crazy vampire i ever saw. After his transformation he went in Vicent’s house to bite him he is a kind of freaking vampire.

Evil Ed tranformed himself in a wolf, that’s explain the shape of the teeth
Emy transformation, her her grew and she became orange line, their eyes are a different brown, looks like Bronze.
When the sun hit his arm, he transformed himself in a kind of monster Bat. After that they managed to kill him with the SUN.

Changing the subject to talk about the Anti-Christ.

The coming of the Anti-Christ.

I’m super serious to announce after everything i studied and observed since i came back to Brazil is that the Anti-Christ will be a Vampire. That’s my intuition. In the future we will receive an announcement, the Devil wants to born like a man too or take a body, so that’s what God was talking, about the beasts and his image. He will show himself but for now he is hided, showing himself in our nightmares. All the pastors must to know, the Anti-Christ is not a normal man or a woman. No man or woman has a great power in this world because everything is supernatural and they are the real God’s enemies.

God really will come back because he must to give the CURE for the nations. For now what we have is that we know that they really exist, i saw another movie that they have a antidote already, and they continue to bite people, we know now how to avoid them and how to control this problem. They attack at night. I have a theory that they are infecting us in some way with their blood, that explains how the Devil vampire can communicate with us while we sleep. Must to be something or it’s a kind of magic. Of course, something must to be done. When I remember the horror in Bulgaria, mainly at night, what they did, and remember that they killed many people, I think that something must to be done about it, maybe not only because they were szgani, but maybe these ones were also Vampires, maybe they were together, some Bulgarians and the Szgani.

Their wish is to overcome us, not to exist together with us, but transform everyone. Of course God will not allow this for sure, we are protected, but when they need food they don’t think twice to suck the blood of the first human they see, they usually don’t transform Christians, they only kill them and suck all the blood to death.

Stay tunned! Share for good. They are boicoting my website a while, so i really need help to people to know the truth, because know the truth and the truth will set you free!

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