About body’s recovery, young forever…

Apple. I’m sure Apple is miraculous for our skin. I have a kind of virus that dies when I eat Apple regularly. It’s very relaxing and helps to sleep. I could not believe the wrinkles disminished and almost disappears. I’m very happy with Apple I didn’t know it’s power.

If you regularly eat natural yogurt it will help, and one apple before sleep.

I’m not so sure about meet, but sometimes it helps me to sleep well. I was thinking that the food must to be something that helps you to sleep profoundly without wake up. The problem i see are the interruptions that stop me to achieve the TOP maximum of my sleep, is in that moment when we get younger. I barely sleep here. When i sleep i smile all day and i have a good disposition and everything gets better.

Sleep well is the secret. Your wrinkles will be reduced, your skin will be brighter. My hands get younger in a such way that surprises me. Sleep without air conditioner and with open windows if you can do it. The most important is the good air. If you live in polluted cities it will be difficult. There is something in the air, i love very much to breath this air, give me a kind of good feeling and peaceful state of mind and it helps me to relax to sleep. I cannot sleep with my cats, it’s stressfull i wake up all the time concerned if i slept above them.

One day, i don’t know why, was in Bulgaria, I woke up like a child face, just like in The movie Contact, was me but younger, like 18 years old, i could not believe in what I saw, i was perplexed in the mirror was like a miracle. Maybe was an angel inside of me. I had green eyes, i was eating green apple almost everyday but I’m not so sure that was because of the apples. I was drinking a green natural tea, with natural green sleeves too but soon i realized that the tea was letting me older. I really don’t have an explanation, but the next day i slept not so good and again i was with the same face not so old but with winter skin. I like the way I’m getting old, my skin is aging naturally. So the phenomena with Judie Foster in the movie happened to me.

Sometimes when i don’t sleep well i see more wrinkles and I realise that i must to sleep better than last night.

Another thing that was very good is that in Bulgaria my entire body was very dry, but here in Manaus is soft now, i don’t have dry skin anymore, i feel so happy because there I was thinking that i was dead and my body was in decomposition rsrsrs, very dramatic, but Thank God i’m alive.

In fact I see only advantage in leave Bulgaria I’m feeling much happier despite all the external problems. If my kids could live with me i will be complete and happier than ever.

I hope you like it. That’s why I’m not afraid of wrinkles anymore. They can disappear. 😙


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