God is not dead 2

It’s been a long time since I’ve been as interested in a movie as I have in this one. That’s how it happens in real life. We live in a Democratic system, but the Illuminatti sect challenges God anyway. Christians must use all the weapons God has given to fight, because they want to act like gods and for them Christians are people who should only die. They see these people as invisible. But when it comes to making movies, they love to choose the lives of Christians to make money in theaters, ignoring copyright, family, if members are alive, the list of lack of scruples is immense, they pursue a part of the population to make films about this part so for them it is better that they die even, it is more profitable, they mind, create false scenarios, as long as it favors them of course and comes to shame the name of THE KING JESUS CHRIST and his servants.

Story summary: She was teaching about Gandhi and one of her students made a comparison to Jesus Christ and made a question to her and she only answered, but an illuminatti student infiltrated within the class sent a text message detaining the teacher saying she was talking or preeching about Jesus, then the school board called her to scold her and calling her to trial. She didn’t preached in the classroom, but they wanted to take the opportunity to use her as an example.

She received a lot of support of the students in the School and she won this case, because she was totally innocent.

This will happen all the time, happened to me and will continue to happen. Now you understand why i’m not a mother.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Fraude na prova da FGV

Fui fazer minha prova e um participante da prova constatou que continha a matéria de Raciocínio Lógico. Essa matéria não contém no Edital. A prova foi falsificada em Manaus. Não tinha nome de candidato e o código de barras do caderno não batia com o do Cartão Resposta.

#fgv #fraude #vergonha Manaus

Declaração de Guerra

A Rússia está sacudindo o mundo espiritual. Você consultou a Deus?