Gypsies ‘had a big baby’ and went wild in Haskovo

Writen in 13 November 2016, Sunday, 11:59

The gully in the Haskovo district “Republica” between Vasil Levski Boulevard and AGO is once again shaking with cool kuchetsi, readers of “Haskovo.Tik” have signaled.

“At first I thought it was an election agitation, but later I found out what the speech was about,” wrote Georgi Stoyanov, who also sent us a photo. Doubts about buying votes were instantly dispelled by happy gypsies. “Between the houses, a large red umbrella was crucifying, under which the people were buzzing brandy without appetizers and without lighting, and from the music the whole “Orpheus” was shaking,” Stoyanov wrote of the dramatic party. He was interested in what the occasion was for the fun, and one of the cheery Roma proudly replied: “Mate, we had a big baby.” In the result of the answer, haskovlia was under the impression that dark people do not respect the female nativity.

“The police seem to have more important election affairs and a lot of money doesn’t give to comply with law and order,” the reader enthrened.

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