I see your True colors

You with the sad eyes
Don’t be discouraged, oh I realize
It’s hard to take courage
In a world full of people
You can lose sight of it all
The darkness inside you
Can make you feel so small. Show me a smile then
Don’t be unhappy
Can’t remember when
I last saw you laughing
This world makes you crazy
And you’ve taken all you can bear
Just call me up
‘Cause I will always be there. And I see your true colors
Shining through
I see your true colors
And that’s why I love you. So don’t be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful
I see your true colors
Shining through (true colors)
I see your true colors
And that’s why I love you
So don’t be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful (they’re beautiful)
Like a rainbow
Oh oh oh oh oh like a rainbow Ooh can’t remember when
I last saw you laughing
Ooh oh oh oh
This world makes you crazy
And you’ve taken all you can bear
Just call me up
‘Cause I will always be there And I see your true colors
Shining through
I see your true colors
And that’s why I love you
So don’t be afraid (don’t be afraid)
To let them show your true colors
True colors are beautiful (you’re beautiful, oh)
Like a rainbow
Oh oh oh oh oh like a rainbow
Mmm mmm

Fonte: LyricFind Compositores: Billy Steinberg / Tom Kelly

The key is Jesus Christ – your faith – you already know

Interesting points of the music. Follow the thought and get out of the darkness.

Helloween – Keeper Of The Seven Keys Lyrics

from album: Keeper of the Seven Keys, Part I(m&l – weikath)

Make the people
Hold each other’s hands
And fill their hearts with truth
You made up your mind
So do as divined

Put on your armour
Ragged after fights
Hold up your sword
You’re leaving the light ( if we use sword we leave the light)
Make yourself ready
For the lords of the dark (don’t play with deamons)
They’ll watch your way
So be cautious, quiet and hark

You hear them whispering
In the crowns of the trees
You’re whirling ’round
But your eyes don ‘t agree
Will ‘o’ the wisps
Misguiding your path
You can ‘t throw a curse
Without takin’ their wrath

Watch out for the seas of hatred and sin
Or all us people forget what we’ve been
Our only hope’s your victory
Kill that satan who won’t let us be – kill!

You re the keeper of the seven keys
That lock up the seven seas
And the seer of visions said before he went blind
Hide them from demons and rescue mankind
Or the world we’re all in wili soon be sold
To the throne of the evil payed with lucifer’s gold

You can feel cold sweat
Running down your neck
And the dwarfs of falseness
Throw mud at your back

Guided by spells
Of the old seer’s hand
You’re suffering pain
Only steel can stand

Stay well on your way and follow the sign
Fulfill your own promise and do what’s divined
The seven seas are far away
Placed in the valley of dust heat and sway

You’re the keeper of the seven keys
That lock up the seven seas
And the seer of visions said before he went blind
Hide them from demons and rescue mankind
Or the world we’re all in wili soon be sold
To the throne of the evil payed with lucifer’s gold

Throw the first key into the sea of hate
Throw the second key into the sea of fear
Throw the third key into the sea of senselessness
And make the people hold each other’s hands
The fourth key belongs into the sea of greed
And the fifth into the sea of ignorance

Disease, disease, disease my friend
For this whole world’s in devil’s hand (if you sin you get sick)}
Disease, disease, disease my friend
Throw the key or you may die.

On a mound at the shore of the last sea
He is sitting, fixing your sight
With his high iron voice causing sickness
He is piaying you out with delight

Man who do you just think you are?
A silly bum with seven stars
Don’t throw the key or you will see
Dimensions cruel as they can be
Don’t let him…your power
Throw the key…!

An earthquake, squirting fire, bursting ground
Satan’s screaming, and earth swallowing him away!

You’re the keeper of the seven keys
You locked up the seven seas
And the seer of visions can now rest in peace
There ain’t no more demons and no more disease
And mankind, live up, you’re free again
Yes the tyrant is dead, he is gone, overthrown
You have given our souls back to light

About the disgraces around the world.

One example is the Flooding in China of many problems in other countries, this year. Repeating: This is not a phenomena. This is GOD punishing us. So, think twice. Batatinha frita, 1, 2, 3 and so on.

1Before David got up the next morning, the word of the Lord had come to Gad the prophet, David’s seer: 12“Go and tell David, ‘This is what the Lord says: I am giving you three options. Choose one of them for me to carry out against you.’ ”

13So Gad went to David and said to him, “Shall there come on you three b years of famine in your land? Or three months of fleeing from your enemies while they pursue you? Or three days of plague in your land? Now then, think it over and decide how I should answer the one who sent me.”

14David said to Gad, “I am in deep distress. Let us fall into the hands of the Lord, for his mercy is great; but do not let me fall into human hands.”

15So the Lord sent a plague on Israel from that morning until the end of the time designated, and seventy thousand of the people from Dan to Beersheba died. 

16When the angel stretched out his hand to destroy Jerusalem, the Lord relented concerning the disaster and said to the angel who was afflicting the people, “Enough! Withdraw your hand.” The angel of the Lord was then at the threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite.

17When David saw the angel who was striking down the people, he said to the Lord, “I have sinned; I, the shepherd, c have done wrong. These are but sheep. What have they done? Let your hand fall on me and my family.”

Visões de alguns cristãos brasileiros.

Bom, confirmando o que está escrito no Apocalipse, o fim será com Bolas de Fogo, é o depoimento da maioria. O que eu encontrei no youtube mostra vários depoimentos do Arrebatamento dos cristãos e bolas de fogo caindo. No geral é o anúncio do fim, da grande tribulação. Os depoimentos são recentes, de 2018 a 2021. Para os estrangeiros, você pode buscar nos canais de cristãos no youtube. Repent!

Babylon already fell

If you are receiving offenses, remember, they are full of.

O pecado está dentro de nós, porém temos de vencê-lo. O pecado é nosso inimigo, quer nos arrastar pra longe de Deus. Deus falou sobre isso, quem se entregar às paixões e adorar demônios terá punição.

The big point is – Change the game for good.

What Jesus said in the Bible, – The Kingdom of the sky will come not in a visible appearance, the Kingdom of the Sky is inside of us.

Now all the Hell people are getting crazy and making everybody crazy. Because they don’t wanna die. And, want to make me crazy too, but they can’t. Why? – Know the Truth and the Truth will set you free. I’m very calm and conscious, but the only way to know for sure is the TIME, the time will show.

Some questions:

  1. God gave earth to humans, not to deamons, so, here is not the HELL.
  2. God said too, here is a copy of the reality. So this means that will have another earth, beautiful, saint, not like this one, that in my oppinion is destroyed.
  3. Who must to rule the world? Bad or Good People? – The answer is Good People.
  4. Why Bad people are still rulling this world? Because they are all united, they don’t let Good people go inside of the System and change things. They are rulling all the main big Companies and institution.
  5. How can we change the Game? – Answer: The Bad people must to give the Power to Good People, that’s the only way, but they will not give, so we must to conquer it in a good and democratic way.
  6. All the hell People are becoming un-dead, i can translate this like after they died the bad spirits go inside of them. Or is simple a disease, a infeccion. They also can fell, maybe? The solution is for you to make a reconciliation with God, ask for forgiveness with all your heart and change the game. The most important thing already said is REPENT, change. So we can fix things.
  7. Once we destroy Democracy, the things will never be like before, everything will be absolutely devasted.
  8. I wish sincerely things to change, for Good.
  9. If You have the Power to fix things, fix it.

The book of Tobias

It’s the first time i read, and my conclusion is that this history is one of the bests in Bible. Sometimes they react like the people in Gulliver’s travel. The people in that time were really good, with good hearts.

Tells the history of a man named Tobit, he was helping people that were murdered outside the walls in Ninive, Assirya, he was living there like prisoner. He took bodies of his countrymen he found out of the grave, gave a lot of donations to poor people and received the visit of the Angel Raphael. Raphael had a great participation and helped his son to travel to another city. Raphael is very kind.

After Tobit became blind for 4 years by some sparrows he asked to his son named Tobias a favor, to rescue a investment in silver, that he left for 20 years with a family member named Gabael of the Neftali’s tribe.

In this context there is a woman called Sara, she married with 7 men. They all died after the ceremony, she never consummated the wedding night. Very interesting, was described that a demon killed all of them while they slept, in the other day no one could understand. Maybe was her father, that was my conclusion, very strange. She thought about committing suicide because she got a lot of bad reviews, but reflected on the fact and gave up. Rafael appeared when God heard the prayer they prayed, he was sent to solve the case, helping Tobit to regain sight and help Tobias to marry Sara.

I will not tell the whole history, just read, 🙂 i believe you will have the same impressions. They were really nice people, today we almost cannot find people with this royal behaviour. We can learn a lot in how to become better people. Get your upgrade downloading the book!

Visitation of Angels from heaven. We see white dots surrounded by a kind of sparkle galaxy. It’s about the kids, about protection. You and me have an Angel in the Sky.

You look and you cannot believe, they were outside my eyes, two white dots kind of fighting or talking with two black dots. I opened my eyes and closed but they were continue flying until they disappeared. I cannot explain the entire situation, but i will ask you in the name of God to pray with your kids everyday for family’s protection. The daemons are surrounding us outside, they include can possess bodies, like Jesus mentioned many times in the Bible. Read also the Book of Enoch to see his relate about what he saw in concerning the Hell and Heaven. Gabriel is a real Angel of God. Michael also. Miguel, Raphael. The Angel included talked in the Book that we must to pray directly to God for help us. God is waiting for us to change. God is real. Change now for your own good.

I’m learning more about the spiritual world since the last events I had. I have learned many things, after the day I saw the daemon (vampire) outside my window (a black smoke with wings all black flapping wings), I saw these two Angels in form of dots in my house like they were helping in this situation that i had previously, i don’t know exactly the reason, i know in my heart but i cannot explain everything…I’m praying every night now to the daemons don’t come here. They were touching my body like they were trying to transpass it (i didn’t see just felt it), and until now I don’t know how they succeed to put nightmares in my head for all these years of my life. I’m also trying to figure out if the technology have something to do about it. Or maybe were the vaccines, i was thinking that we received vampire blood so we can have this nightmares. The most strange is that in the time that Jonathan Harker was in Count Dracula house, he advised him explaining to him to go to sleep in his room and go to sleep now, because if he does not listen he could have horrible nightmares.

The only way to avoid this evils is staying in connection with God. Praying helps to stop it. I was thinking if I use my silver bracelet, to stop vampire action, i observed that this does not work. God is the answer. We must to worship him and love him. One thing that we don’t see is that the daemons challenge our Angels provoking them to take permission to act in our life, if we abandon God he cannot do anything to help us, so let’s stay connected to God.

Another example in the Bible tells the history of the Death of Moses, that Satan wanted to use the dead Moses’s body. They were disputing his body and Michael was protecting Moses body.

You see me and you think she doesn’t believe in God or she is false with God, that’s not true. The supernatural comes for us to believe but don’t expect to see tragedies to happen to believe in God. I testify that God is real, and he show us love everyday. My testimony is to show you that Satan and his daemons are trying to take our bodies to get out of darkness.

Pray. God loves u. You that are seeking the truth, he will speak to you. Pay attention. And you have all the answers you need. He is the only one who sees the future and he knew that I will write to you about this matter. I know what you can think, she is negative or she has some kind of problem but in fact the truth is Satan doesn’t want to go Alone to the Darkness. He wants to destroy many souls before God comes. To prove that we don’t deserve love’s God and loose the blessings he prepared for us all. Prepare yourself and clean your body and your soul. Be in Peace.

The sparkles were something like this picture of the Universe, was a kind of soap bubbles, but everything glowed and blinked theses dots, like this were protecting them or their Glory. They were floating, flying side by side with these black dots. That’s why i think they were fighting with them. BELIEVE IN GOD, put YOUR TRUST ON HIM.