Rainbow 🌈 09.09.22

Here today I got out in the morning we had sun. But, when i came back a strong rain with a lot of Thunder, like God was complaining. There in Bulgaria the same. Count all the children. We cannot stop to look after them. My kids are alive. I received a message saying bad things. I do not want anything bad to happen to my family there.

You will not be impune of your crimes. Stop 🛑.

Queen Elizabeth Timeline

“I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong”. Queen Elizabeth

👨‍💻🙄Olhe pro céu – Really? – Yes look at the sky!

Oração: Desculpe Sr. Deus porque eu gosto muito do filme Matrix, o Sr. Não gosta. Deve ser por causa dos Vampiros. Já está entendido.

What can we learn from Storms and Tornadoes?

✳God is there 100% – Find the Angels.

✳ They are showing something. What i understood is have something with the cardiac resuscitation. God 100% disapproves this.

✳Also about the silicone implant.

✳This can be also a punishment, to give a response of the acts committed.

✳Some tornadoes has a presence of the Rainbow, this indicates the situation of the kids.

✳In short: it’s about death and the violence committed.

You are free to comment if you see something more.

Nuvens aqui

26.08 – Parte Norte – As cores são do Arco Iris relacionado às crianças na foto saiu amarela pq é algum filtro que a Samsung botou no meu celular pq já tirei antes esse mesmo tipo de foto e saiu igual ao que disse, as nuvens negras simbolizam os maus que as mataram. Ou tem algo paranormal como um anjo na frente. Só quem pode dar a resposta é os USA.
Milk Way kind colors… foto anterior com o mesmo celular. Foto feita no 09.07.21
27.08 Parte Leste – Mais gente cortada…quando não cortam aparecem rostos.

Sky here after Dawson

🙂 🤩👑

C H O C K E D! N E V E R D O U B T!

She was robbered, this guy took all her money, and her coat. After that he made a joke giving her “Tchal”, a car came and beated him. As the sky showed now, he was beated he didn’t die as I thought.

Me again: 12:49: He died, after Joey and him had a conversation and he repented. She forgave him because he explained why he did it.

God in action to protect their sons and daughters. She is really blessed!
Bandits you cannot fool God! Repent!