Who were the szgany? Gypsies, romany.

In accordance with his story, Jonathan Harker, the English victim of the Boyar Dracula, he said:

May 28.— There is a chance of escape, or any kind of being able to send word home. A bunch of Szgany have come to the castle, and are camped in the courtyard. These Szgany are Gypsies; I have notes of them in my book. They are peculiar to this part of the world, although allied to the common Gypsies around the world. There are thousands of them in Hungary and Transylvania, which are almost out of all law. They attach themselves as a rule to some great noble or boyar, and call themselves by his name. They are fearless and without religion, except superstition and they speak only their own varieties of the Romany language.

In my conception, of all my study about them, they are out of the society and they run to another parts of the world. They do crimes all hidden so they don’t get discovered as i said before, they are violent people, extremely. They are vampires too. They are liars, they don’t like to work, they are lazy people, they really like to steal.

Brazil is this way now because of people of this race. I have no remorse to say that we must to react, i see a lot of fraud. Everywhere. They already think that Brazil is theirs, they act like we are the outsiders. They stole apartments to rent. You bet, more you dig, more you will find.

Criminosos estupradores

Convivendo com estupro de menor todos os dias à noite. Polícia Federal encaminhar denúncia à Polícia. Eles falam em voz alta e a criança grita à noite.

Vocês já tem meu endereço agora é agir. Além de outros delitos que eles cometem diariamente.

✔️❗Denúncia realizada à Polícia.

I miss you in the Basement – Lost Women or children

Most of the kidnapped girls are in the house’s basement, most of the buildings in Bulgaria and in Europe are this way. They go inside of your apartment when you sleep and kidnap you. I already told that in Europe we do not have Keys, they make copy of the keys, i believe that is the same in United States. Kéfera described that she drunk wine and after that she woke up in another place. I was living in a Building of plasterboard (gesso acartonado), the acoustic was terrible, i was listening everything. They hid several women there, including my daughters were screaming there.

What is most terrify about this is that these criminals made several excavations on the walls to invade the apartments. When you leave to work for example, they do these things, they do this excavation in the air conditionair because you cannot see, behind it.

Kiiara – Gold – 3:09 the Eco of the sound of a basement
Roger Sanchez – Lost (The Eco that makes when you are in the Basement)

The two musics demonstrate the same ECO of what is to be in a basement or underground.

Security Alert for all Brazilians about the gipsy invasion in bulgaria and another countries included brazil.

UPDATE 15.04.22: After 1 year in Brazil i have more info to you. How to recognize them? They are brown, not BLACK like the negans.

They are mixed with Asians and here i’m surprised that they are mixed with Amazon Indians too. So, i don’t have to tell you that in our Villages in distant areas of Amazon are full of them. I was investigating corruption cases in our Cities in Amazon, i saw many gypsies like politicians. I don’t know even if these people made public exams to stay there. I already checked, they are inside the Police in Manaus and many public departments. They are not honest, so i don’t recommend to mix with these lines. They mixed with white too in Europe and United States, that’s why they are better than the people here in Amazon, here the people are not so polite. They lie a lot. Some countries defend that they must to mix to create another line variation, so they can disminish the corruption and line distortion. This can be a solution, but here in Amazon i don’t see anyone that are good to mix, really. Our city is a big garbage dump and destruction.

They are pedophilians, if you are above 30 you are not interesting anymore, that’s a strong signal that the man with this characteristics is an abuser, also they abuse animals. Here in my mother’s building they abused kids and animals. They don’t respect the law, this means, they are out of law. Even if in Brazil we have law for everything they totally ignore it. They kill without remorse, in the same proportion that they steal, they don’t regret.

Also what i want to share, all the Blows were installed in the system because of them, to achieve their goal. They love HIGH prices, now in Manaus everything is so EXPENSIVE, i cannot believe when i saw in Downtown, one PIZZA R$66,00. Before i leave Manaus, the Pizza was R$25,00. In São PAULO’s airport, the price was R$90,00, i could not believe in what i saw.

About the industry: Many products had their formula changed, like toothpaste for example, is not the same formula of 5 years ago. The shampoos also got worse in quality. When i first came, my mother was paying for drink water, the water had medicine inside, like Dipirona or something close to it. I immediately felt it, and I forced her to change the water and we started to drink normal water, she really got better, before she was all the time complaining of pain, and one year after i don’t listen a word that she is feeling pain.

About The regional food: Also the formulas are not the same, they changed many formulas, i was thinking that this happened because the people that made the original formulas were killed or something else happened, maybe the composition of the components to do the regional food was changed.

The wheat i eat is not wheat, the oil also is not oil, our paprika is not the same, worsened the quality of powdered milk. Everything is much worse than before. I complained about the fruits, specially bananas and whatermelon, now we are receiving better quality, with original flavour, maybe before they used some kind of fertilizer or pesticide that changed the original flavor of the fruits.

My first text when i Left Bulgaria:

I’m doing a serious complaint against the Gypsy invasion in every country in the world, Brazil included, because they are already here in Brazil and Manaus for more than 5 years as i see. They invade your apartment while you sleep and they kill the families there. They cut them in pieces so no one can find proof against them. First they study your family and after that they start to create confusion with you. They make a lot of noise, talk very much late at night, put high music. During the day they disappear, you almost cannot find them.

Some tips:

  • Speak only in Portuguese (use your regional accent, show your culture, they are nationalists, they do not copy your accent). They believe in ALA. (They are not fighting for England).
  • Eat something that only has in your city, they do not like FARINHA for example.
  • Do not Steal
  • Do not invade houses or apartments (they do this).
  • For the companies, all Brazilians must to take place in the companies, give preference to the best places to Brazilians.
  • Pay attention for people that talk in another language. They can be criminals of another country, if they want to steal.
  • If in your community people start to disappear without clue, it’s a signal of foreign crimes.
  • Avoid to let your house/apartment alone.
  • Avoid to give the security of your building to foreigns. If it’s mixed with Brazilians and live long years in Brazil it’s ok.
  • The most crimes in Europe, when many Europeans disappeared these crimes where committed by Gypsies. They cut people and do not let any clue, they cook, put in the oven and make people to be ashes. They steal people’s heart, liver.

This way we will separate who are the Brazilians and who are not.

If your building has some areas that can hide antenas, pay attention, mainly in the last floor, close very well and the key must to be with the owner or syndic.

Don’t be intimidated by gypsy behavior. When you notice, the whole building can be taken over by the Gypsies and the Brazilians can be extinguished. I’m not joking.

Buy an internal lock like this. Or the best you can. My door is already over protected with unique lock, no one in Brazil has. 🙂. If someone make a copy is registered to police to know it. For investigation.

They usually have an adaga,
Here it is the proof! Translating: Nação contra o terror cigano e invasão. /Não ao Terror Cigano. Eu realmente fui aterrorizada por mais de 1 ano. Eles inclusive entraram no meu apartamento. Eram muito barulhentos e inconvenientes.