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Vampires vs. Bronx

How to identify a vampire?

Their skin. It’s usually dry. They are pale too. Their tooth will grow if they approach you. They act strange and they seem somehow bothered with your presence. Take the pocket’s Bible with you. They will feel the Bible’s smell.

They don’t hug, and they don’t like humans smell. Don’t approach too much, they are little cold. In Europe no one kiss or hug. If they act very polite, like a Duque or seems to be very traditional in their dresses or act like they are very rich or have a English accent, pay attention. Listen the names, generally they identify theirselves for the names. They are very curious about you. They also hunt in the internet. They are good listeners too.

Before the bite they get transformed, most of them became these beasts.
He is feeding and started to float it happened at night. These vampires cannot be exposed at the 🌞😎
They had a Condos project in New York no Bronx. A teenager discovered and again no one believed him until they saw.
This is the Dracula symbol that identify their business. When they have business usually the names are connected with the Bram Stocker books. They have a lot of Words CODE.
These boys are amazing. They have a lot of courage and they killed all of them. Why?
Because the vampires built a place full of Coffins to kill the people of the neighborhood.
They were rich and had a lot of money to buy the local criminals.
You cannot invite them to go inside your house, they ask first. I already said this but it’s true. Don’t invite no one at night inside your house.