Who wants some?

They created these biscuits to share to the zombies helping them to be conscious. If they starve, they attack. Has brain in the recipe. No clues 🤔
This is Charlie, he donated his brain to feed the zombies, if they are angry they attack.
Dr. and Addy. They are all nice people in extremely surviving environment.

All of us are dead

I’m watching now, T1:E2. Since the beginning you get impacted, God sent a strong rain and rays, telling: -I’m watching you!

The students got infected in the school, a rat in the laboratory bit one student and again the domino effect. A teacher that got the PHD in Biology in the USA, and brought it to Korea, i don’t know why he had a infected rat there, his own son got infected and he killed him with a Bible. No one until now knows from where it came, but could be also the government used him as a cobain to cover their responsibility or he is a traitor in the system, or he was developing alone, he didn’t talk why. Whatever, the problem is the level of supervision needs to be redoubled in the schools now.

The interesting about the infection is, the moment that the infection is completed, the virus kills the person’s body, breaking their own bones. It’s involuntary and after that they want to bite, i saw some people and observed that they didn’t eat, they only bit and run to kill another. It’s like they are being controlled for someone that has the only intention to KILL. I saw already many movies, in The walking dead for example, they felt the necessity to eat, maybe because inside they are normal people but they were just hungry, because they were long time without food. Yesterday I was watching the Z Nation and a doctor had a conversation with a zombie and the zombie got quiet and paying attention, like he was listening. Untill now I could not prove the interference of the Nano robots, maybe is just the own virus inside the body that act by their own will. The doctor’s said that the virus has more strong will of survive, but interesting 🤔 the virus is not eating other bodies, this virus is only biting. What do you Think 💬?

29th January, i watched all the 12 episodes, since yesterday I finished now (13:30pm), i would like to say that the Koreans are so nice. I have no words. They are not only supportive, but young people have a great sense of teamwork. Of an entire school, only 7 survived, and a few more hybrids in according to this Korean.

The most important of all of this is, the virus cannot spread. They gathered all of them and exploded after. God was there too, helped them with rain and thunders, to disperse the zombies that are sensitive to noise because their senses get amplified, they have the same symptoms like a vampire transformation. They get strength and are also hungry all the time, to get energy and maybe to multiply.

To the spiritual side, after the infection these people didn’t die. What this can be? They said that they are Assimptomatics, but the incredible that occurred was that one friend of them fall of a higher building maybe three times and didn’t die. He had a bad character, i don’t know if this is the reason, i mean, is good to be good, to redemp yourself. And every time he woke was like nothing happened to his brain and conscious, he was the same. Maybe his soul don’t let his body. He died only in the explosion.

These are the main points. Watch your ⚖️ your measures and may God be with you and your Spirit.

Army of Thieves e na sequência ARMY of the DEAD.

Dois reportes da Netflix. Bom assistir e ficar interado de tudo que ocorre nos Estados Unidos e também Europa.

Quando tiram o gênio do mundinho dele tão trivial e o levam pra morrer. Ele tinha um coração muito puro e foi ensinado a roubar. Lá na Alemanha ele tinha uma vida normal e trabalho. Só que era muito sozinho. Foi convidado para abrir o Cofre por uma das atrizes de Game of Thrones. No final do filme, após eles terem sido bem sucedidos em abrir o cofre e ficarem muito ricos, o policial Francês que estava perseguindo eles pra desarmar o esquema e prendê-los quase conseguiu colocar eles dois na Cadeia, mas a menina do Game of Thrones pediu para ele escapar. O Policial concordou e ele fugiu. Ele foi pros Estados Unidos e o final do filme deles, Army of Thieves mostra ele sendo convidado por um dos participantes do Filme Army of the Dead a participar de outra abertura do cofre inventado por Hans Wagner chamado Götterdämmerung. Resumindo, tiraram ele de lá só pra morrer. Quando Chegou aos Estados Unidos mal sabia ele que havia outro Apocalipse Zumbi, dessa vez em Las Vegas. Ou será que foi a expansão dos Zombies chegou até Las Vegas? Chiva estava no Filme Army of the Dead, significando dizer que os Zombies espalharam-se pelos Estados Unidos.

As duas meninas foram presas, os dois ficaram presos num caminhão, não sei se escaparam, o filme não revelou. O que parece é que elas duas devem continuar presas na França.

A biografia de Wagner

Wagner foi um renomado designer de segurança que estabeleceu a empresa Hans Wagner Tresore AG na cidade de Munique, Alemanha. Era um pilar trabalhador da comunidade até perder a sua mulher e o filho. No final da sua vida, construiu quatro obras-primas, que acabariam por se tornar o único objetivo de vida de Ludwig Dieter. Ele acreditava ser o filho do compositor alemão Richard Wagner, e assim os quatro cofres foram desenhados em forma de homenagem ao compositor alemão, tendo os nomes das quatro óperas do O Anel do Nibelungo.


Eles foram convidados por um Dom para Abrir o Cofre Götterdämmerung, quase todos morreram, só sobreviveram duas pessoas no final.
A Rainha dos Zombies, que estava grávida. Muito Triste tudo isso. Eles estavam reunidos como um reinado de undeads, parece que eles tinham algum tipo de consciência. O marido dela zombie ficou muito triste quando ela e o bebê morreram e foi buscar Revenge.
Agora sabemos aonde está Shiva, o Tigre de Estimação do Ezequiel, do The Walking Dead, estava em Las Vegas e matou um dos integrantes do time de The Army of the Dead.

Todos os pontos sendo conectados. Espero que isto seja de grande utilidade pública.

#There is no how!

#Alive, 2020 and Train to Busan, 2016

Two records in South Korea. The same zombies, same velocity, same way of infection, by Being bitten.

#Alive – The main characters survived in the end but they almost couldn’t. They were alone with a big number of infected. They basically got trapped in their apartment with lack of resources.

These zombies are different from the USA. While they are slow these ones have more velocity, they really run and attack throwing themselves on top. The damage number is undoubtedly greater and with great speed. One person alone cannot fight against them. In places with glass like airports or doors of any kind, they make strong force and break everything, they also can open doors like a normal person.

Weak points: These zombies also like the USA can be distracted by music, sounds, if you want to run to another direction you can create a distraction. Also they get slow in the dark. I’m thinking this moment about that the Carnival trucks could be useful. Or maybe a Airplane with music?

Both are very interesting and emotional. I have no explanation you just should watch. More i see more i know that is real.

It’s really a blood infection, the blood clotting is extremely fast. Just take a bite and it’s gone. The person transforms in a matter of seconds.

There is 100% of chance of all communication to fail. 📴🎵🏴‍☠️

#Drones are very useful.

#Solar charges too.

#Ropes to climb

The train to Busan, they were in a train and everybody got infected after a infected girl got inside. When the train reached the station they were running to survive. They lost everybody, only two people survived.

The train to Busan only the pregnant in the left and this little girl survived. Both with good hearts. Champions of this experiment? Casualty? Vampire infection?

The Walking Dead, the last Season, 08.22.21

The Walking Dead:
Debuted for the first time in 31/10/2010 🎂

After 10 years, close to their 11th Anniversary, i would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday, because you are still alive, i can say you people are really good because you have a lot of will to live. It’s really a good reason to celebrate. In the beginning everything was exciting, but now we are all tired. We understand. I’m in the Season 10, but i confess i can’t stand since that Psyco Negan appeared, i created a kind of repulse, i’m happy because he is out of operation for now, but not so calm because he is still alive.

The Walking Dead debuted it last season now on August 22, 2021, so you can enjoy the 24 episodes of the season 11th. I’m watching by Netflix, unfortunately it don’t have the new season.

I stopped a while for a break, because it really drains the energy, i confess i don’t like to watch all these walkers, there are a lot, it’s a kind never end zombie land… we see everybody tired to kill, the feeling i have is to find a way to put an end in all this suffering, but when we think that the number of zombies are going down, we get surprise to think they are just increasing.

The main point for me is because in my perception this series is not Fake, so you can think, OMG everything this girl thinks is real, for me it’s very real. There is no how to be fake. I don’t know what my eyes sees, but for me is real. I asked GOD if this series is fake or real, and what i understood, God gave confirmation that is real. He showed everything in the Sky. When i asked he sent Rain, Black clouds in movement, in the beginning when i started to talk about the clouds in Manaus he drew a men that got Dead with a Knife, like this scene. So, since the beginning God was talking about Walking Dead, not only, but one of the many subjects. And you? What do you think? For me is 100% real.


I don’t know, but maybe they got infected with vampire blood and the body created in invasor that infect the good blood in they get a transformation after their death. The most important thing you should know, when they become zombies, the person you knew don’t exist anymore, don’t insist, just let Go!

Another important point is after the person dies immediatly you must to kill the brain, because if this person wakes and start to bite, it will be a big disgrace.

I will give you a fast introduction of some of the main characters of the series.


Rick is the leader of his team, of the Alexandria House, he was a cop, father of two and in the season 10 he almost died. He is actually one of the main characters. I will not questioning his leadership but he got much better in the last seasons, he made some mistakes but he learned and developed a lot of good sense, with much more confidence. In the beginning he was killing all the Alpha men the found, he always felt a kind of threat of his masculinity, even if these people was of the same race. After Loris died killed by their son Carl. He was feeling lost, without motivation, but some time after he got involved with Michonne that became his emotional pillar and wife, i believe they make a nice couple, she is a real warrior in my conception, he likes her. His best friend is Daryl, and his worst enemy is Negan, that is a real monster and really bad. Rick had a lot of self control, because if was me, i would have killed this psychopath the first chance I had a gun in my hand. I say this because they were in many situations well equipped with guns and for fear they didn’t kill him.


She is the most self controlled woman you can expect, you can count on her in almost all battles and i know, maybe because of that Sword she is not so tired like the others. She is the right arm of his team and because of her they discovered how to be camouflaged between the Walkers (zombies). If you see some zombies and wants to walk between them you just have to take all the guts, blood, all passed as a sunscreen on your body. That’s one of her lessons, another one more cruel was to use the walkers like a protection, she cutted their arms and mouth so they could not bite and they helped her and Andrea to carry their weapons miles away.


Daryl is one of the leaders, he doesn’t act like, he has no pretension, he is introvert, but a real friend, almost doesn’t talk but is always busy, whether it’s behind someone who’s absent from the team in danger, or killing zombies. He is someone that has a lot to teach, is also a good companion for the team because of his efficiency, someone you can count. He had a brother that became a zombie after, but he is totally the opposite of his brother, he is not violent like him. What I’ve learned with him? To not complain, to be loyal whatever happens, to trust in the friendship and how to cover one’s back. He is amazing. His best friend is Carol and Rick. He got close to Beth when they parted ways with the group. In the season 10 he is still strong.


Who is Carol? Also she is one of the Pillar’s characters and is the person that gave a lot of support for everybody, her best friend is Daryl and they match a lot, but they never got involved dating, she was acting like a nurse in the beginning, her daughter died and she was very week in the first seasons, after her daughter’s death she didn’t want to be in the front killing, she was the most part of the time caring of people, but when she learned how to kill she became also very important for the team. Sometimes she took bad decisions, but she always did what have to do, now in the season 10 she got married to the King Ezekiel, Daryl got upset, but she seems happy with him. Still they are friends and in the same team. She likes kids but pretends don’t.

Carol took one of the most difficult decisions when she killed this girl because she had some behavior’s problems, she killed her sister.


They are a big family now that Negan is out of operation, but they lost a lot of beloved. Abraham and Glenn were ones that i felt more. Because they were really important for the series and gave balance.

They are really good teachers, you will enjoy because it’s like real life. After the end of the Series you will be able to defend yourself in the next Zombie Apocalypse and how to build a city.


Seems that the famous character of Everybody hates Chris really died, in the real life. When they got in his house, he showed a picture with him and his twin brother. His profile on Instagram is very strange. The name is @willylerjames, the last post occurred in 29/04/2019. He has another one @willtylerjames marked as original with a post in June 2021, the problem is it seems like his twin brother.

He got trapped in a roller door of a magazine when the traitor Nicholas tried to go out and didn’t listen what Glenn said to him. He was just concerned about save his life, and tragically we lost this good person.


Everybody can be turned in a Zombie, even the Children, so because of them worth to care and avoid a big catastrophe of this proportion.

Carl and her sister Judith, she was born in the Apocalypse zombie, she grew watching everything, very interesting and how difficult was for everybody. All of them were happy when they got close to her because they almost didn’t see kids. They said in the movie that many times they listened children crying alone without parents, can you imagine how terrible is this? So, Judith is the symbol of the children’s presence in the that place.
One of the most nice scenes, when God sent Rain, they were tired and a long time without water. I think we just have to pray and ask to God and he will send, it’s incredible that they don’t ask. We must to surrender to God, and stop to worship Hell.
Why Daryl made this tattoo? The death is inside?
Gardening is very important because they have so much land, but without food. They many times were without food, so this is the main point of surviving.
The zombies don’t die, if we don’t kill them they live even without flash, the flash decompose but the zombie continues until someone kill.
The zombies are in the Water now, imagine if they go out of United States by Water? If they reach Amazon it will be a big disgrace, we must to increase the Surveillance of the land and water. We will have no water if this happens to us.
Waiting for the Negan’s death, he brought a lot of problems, like lack of food, weapons and the number of zombies increased when he was ruling.
The Walking Dead team presentation in the Comic Con, in San Diego, 2019. The “Debochado” Negan made a terrible presentation. Daryl were 🤩 wow!

Pray! The video is not Fake⚠

  1. This could be a Vampire, Undead! They can make these movements.
  2. Daemons.
  3. Don’t play with GOD. Care of your protection, your relationship with GOD.

100% Real, she saw a Vampire, Undead!⚠

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