Count Dracula, Bram Stoker, 1987

The book talks about the Saga of Jonathan Harker journal, that was a broker who travelled to Transylvania to meet the Count Dracula, a real Vampire, a monster. He wanted to buy a house in England.

By the way I found the truth about the Stars that i saw in my house sparkling like the Universe, Dr. Van Helsing and his friends were hunting the Count in a place and they saw the same thing. In my house were two vampires (demons), like shadows and the Angels were hunting them in my house. You will see it in the page 257, that’s the page i’m reading today, 27.03.21

The book is like Sherlock Holmes, investigative and it’s a report of many paranormal activities of the Vampires. They became experts in understand their way of killing people. It’s really important for all humans to learn the way they act, they talk, to make the difference between humans and un-deads.

God knew everything, since the beginning. Perfect is our GOD, to him, all the Glory.