The final Code Movie – Real Story – 🔞

I downloaded this movie on YTS. Is really real. So, we have a dimension of what these people are capable of.

This man held her daughter captive for 8,000 days approximately, and had 7 children with him. He was abusing her since she was a kid when her mother was going to shopping. He is a psychopath and pedophile. The history is heavy. So, i don’t like to be sensationalist. The fact is the producers are not hidden that the history is true. They masked with another history of the Elizabeth Fritzl. There are two histories in one movie, because they are very similar. How to know? Because there are no information about this movie. Check the print screen i took of the description of the movie. The real ones are not present in the Cast, so, the movie is real. I could not find Instagram, they masked the Sally’s Instagram. The most important is to know that this situation is real.

The mother and the other children survived, but we had three losses, three angels. Her last baby and two girls, one was kidnapped last. She got there because she had problems with her car and he offered her a ride. He killed her because he discovered her cellphone in her purse, and saw that she called the Police. He cutted her in pieces. He left his daughter at the hospital because he poisoned the food that he intended to give to the mother to kill her and stay only with his daughter and the other girl, but the little girl died poisoned. He did this because the mother got older, she was not useful anymore in his conception. So, he could continue to abuse the young ones and make more babies to continue the cycle of abuse.

A code: In Europe they call the women “Chicken”, they are made to have babies to be abused. The Pigs are the Pedophilians abusers and assassins.

In the end the Police got him to jail. It’s good to talk about because we learn self defence and how to cancel these bastards. They act very similar.

This is her memory with her kids, a happy moment before he took all of them and left her and the older one alone in a basement.
He killed her and put it in a black bag. In Bulgaria there were several crimes in this way. I’ve witnessed at least 5 crimes. They threw at least 3 the bags in the trash (I called to the Police and reported everything i saw).
Don’t be afraid, report!