About the vaccines – Janssen, Covaxin and Sputnik.

Janssen – J&J had to throw out more than 15 million doses of vaccine made at the plant in early April, after it was discovered workers had mixed up the formula with one for the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine, wich was also being made there. 🤧💉🧫🔬

Health Canada says the substance in the 310.000 Canadian doses was manufactured at the same time as those contaminated ones and it can’t determine if they meet Canada’s standards. As a result it will not be releasing them for use in Canada.

About Covaxin

Anvisa solicitou autorização de importação da Covaxin da Índia e Sputnik. Agora em Maio/21
A vacina também será ministrada na Guiana, Irã, Ilhas Maurício, México, Nepal, Paraguai, Filipinas e Zimbábue.

About Sputnik – It has sanitary register in Russia.