Vampires vs. Bronx

How to identify a vampire?

Their skin. It’s usually dry. They are pale too. Their tooth will grow if they approach you. They act strange and they seem somehow bothered with your presence. Take the pocket’s Bible with you. They will feel the Bible’s smell.

They don’t hug, and they don’t like humans smell. Don’t approach too much, they are little cold. In Europe no one kiss or hug. If they act very polite, like a Duque or seems to be very traditional in their dresses or act like they are very rich or have a English accent, pay attention. Listen the names, generally they identify theirselves for the names. They are very curious about you. They also hunt in the internet. They are good listeners too.

Before the bite they get transformed, most of them became these beasts.
He is feeding and started to float it happened at night. These vampires cannot be exposed at the 🌞😎
They had a Condos project in New York no Bronx. A teenager discovered and again no one believed him until they saw.
This is the Dracula symbol that identify their business. When they have business usually the names are connected with the Bram Stocker books. They have a lot of Words CODE.
These boys are amazing. They have a lot of courage and they killed all of them. Why?
Because the vampires built a place full of Coffins to kill the people of the neighborhood.
They were rich and had a lot of money to buy the local criminals.
You cannot invite them to go inside your house, they ask first. I already said this but it’s true. Don’t invite no one at night inside your house.


Maybe this is one of the few most warrior teams I’ve ever seen. They even fight these vampires from a super powerful bloodline. I think this is the bloodline that that arouses the most fear. These Vampires fly, they are more dead than alive, they are not normal vampires and they are really hard to kill. They have a lot of physical strength, big theeth hands and nails. I really wouldn’t want to find none of those. One of the hunters looks like Eugene from The Walking Dead. I’m posting to show the difference. I believe that these ones have necrotic dead blood inside, maybe they drunk dead blood from animals and other humans, which explains the level of violence. The woman who had been bitten could even see the vampire who had bitten her from a long distance, they were connected. The good news is when they killed some vampires in the SUN, a kind of field of rainbow appeared, I don’t know if it was the presence of angels or it was the aura of dead vampires, let’s hope that God will have mercy on these souls. I hope God will have mercy of some Vampires.

They are super equipped, they have developed their own equipment. In the Immortals of Istanbul series they also developed a series of weapons, even talked about patents.
The vampire I saw has the teeth of the Nesferatu, he’s not from that lineage, he was peaceful and controlled himself, he’s more like Istanbul. Possibly he was some victim of another vampire, that doesn’t mean the night when he hunts can’t be bad.
Don’t trust them, because it is proven that at the time of famine they do not respect the victim.
Here it is, like described by Jonas Harker, they can climb walls, fly and float.
Now imagine that you are traveling along the roads of the United States and you come across this group, with no chance of survival. They sleep underground.
Here Jack and Valek (Thomas Ian Griffith), he says that he is alive for 600 years, his name has origin of Czech and Slovak (Válek): from a pet form of the personal name Valentin, from Latin Valentinus (see Valentine), nd he called Jack, the hunter a Crusader.
The priest talking about he started to question his faith, if there is a God, Heaven, so, he justifies why he made alliance with the Vampire Valek, i cannot say if the entire Catholic Church is on their sides, but i hope not so. Answering the question, yes there is GOD, and he is in Heaven. This is 100% accurate information, i can tell you. Don’t loose your faith. To the Vampires don’t bite people, God continue to send visions. The last ones he showed fire balls coming of the sky.
The priest had no Visions or miracle that can make him believe in GOD. So, the Vampires now must to know that there is a powerful GOD that will not let this situation this way.
This is the color of the sky when they’re done killing.
That light that reflects around like the colors of the rainbow as I talked about at the beginning. It could be the aura of dead vampires or angels present. That light appeared when all the vampires were already dead.

Dracula untold, part ll

“Homens não podem temer o que eles não podem ver”
Tem-se espalhado rumores sobre o que vc se tornou.
Você pode ainda se Arrepender!

Frei Lucian sambando na cara do inimigo. Muita coragem veja só você o que só um cérebro pode fazer. Sem usar a força física.

É verdade! Ele é um monstro!
Satanás vive no coração dele!
I saw this smoke in Bulgaria!

This is not Power. God already showed in the Sky his hand, is very big. Don’t be scared of what these vampires can do. They are going in the wrong direction. They cannot win God.

Another Bulgarian lost in the hills. OMG what i’m doing here!

Não, Eu não posso tirar a sua vida.
This is not power, don’t be afraid, God already showed his hand, is very big! They are going in the wrong direction.

When he bited her, Dracula became younger
Eu agora sei que o Inferno é real.
Coincidence? I said in the same way of thinking in relationship of God’s existence, I now know God is real. but thanks to GOD’s mercy i had time.
-Então eu sei que existe um Paraíso
Do you see GOD there?😨😱😇 What surprise!!! This is the best day ever!!!

🎆🎉🎇🎈🎊 I’m very very happy, OMG!!! God is so amazing! It’s a sample of what he will do!

She was very happy, after her transformation. What do you think? She seems very conscious of her choice. Vai dar ruim…vixe…She looks like a bulgarian singer called Geri Nikol, she created a music called “I’m the queen”. I think this girl it’s her. 🙂
Eu costumava pensar que existem muitos de vocês!
É mesmo é?, pode esperar que vem mais uns 200 milhões por aí!

Dracula untold, 2014

So, let’s see the main points. I will post how many times it will be necessary. Shortly so you can open it. Here they reveal who is the “BEAR”, that eats a lot of Meat, in accordance with Daniel’s Book.

Soon, the entire world will be Turk.
“I challenge you for a combat”
Por séculos, moldes estas paredes têm sido minha força.
– Num jogo mortal de vingança. – Isto não é um jogo!
Que comecem os jogos!
O vampiro é vulnerável à luz do dia!
E à prata pura! (E à Bíblia!)