Where is my home

It’s difficult to talk about this movie. It’s a great girl.

Tells a history of another family that broke up and they had two daughters, both amazing girls, but they were suffering because of the divorce. The mother was concerned much more with her job than her daughter, she married again with a BAD and DRUNK husband, terrible man indeed, and he was complaining all the time, so the mother left the girl with her relatives while she went work, because also the father had a terrible wife.

She was so little to be left alone, but her mother without think in her needs left her with relatives, i cried all the time, because the girl was living like an orphan, she basicly didn’t have a house, even she deserved the best place in her own house and the best LOVE in the World, so i think both parents were unfair to her.

Without know her parents were perfect for each other but, they could not figure out it in time!, her father died of cancer, and before it the mother and the girls were found by GOD servants and they gave them a big family full of friends.

Kids must to be always in the FIRST place, God is inside of them, like inside of this Little and sweet girl, you will understand after watch it. People didn’t realise it yet. They look after God like he out of this system, he is not.

She grew and her mother and her sister were full of regret, because inside of them, they knew that they were not so nice with her, but she is a forgiver. She is a giver and now everything is fixed. Amazing history, worth your time!. Let’s help all the girls in the world like her.