Who wants some?

They created these biscuits to share to the zombies helping them to be conscious. If they starve, they attack. Has brain in the recipe. No clues 🤔
This is Charlie, he donated his brain to feed the zombies, if they are angry they attack.
Dr. and Addy. They are all nice people in extremely surviving environment.

All of us are dead

I’m watching now, T1:E2. Since the beginning you get impacted, God sent a strong rain and rays, telling: -I’m watching you!

The students got infected in the school, a rat in the laboratory bit one student and again the domino effect. A teacher that got the PHD in Biology in the USA, and brought it to Korea, i don’t know why he had a infected rat there, his own son got infected and he killed him with a Bible. No one until now knows from where it came, but could be also the government used him as a cobain to cover their responsibility or he is a traitor in the system, or he was developing alone, he didn’t talk why. Whatever, the problem is the level of supervision needs to be redoubled in the schools now.

The interesting about the infection is, the moment that the infection is completed, the virus kills the person’s body, breaking their own bones. It’s involuntary and after that they want to bite, i saw some people and observed that they didn’t eat, they only bit and run to kill another. It’s like they are being controlled for someone that has the only intention to KILL. I saw already many movies, in The walking dead for example, they felt the necessity to eat, maybe because inside they are normal people but they were just hungry, because they were long time without food. Yesterday I was watching the Z Nation and a doctor had a conversation with a zombie and the zombie got quiet and paying attention, like he was listening. Untill now I could not prove the interference of the Nano robots, maybe is just the own virus inside the body that act by their own will. The doctor’s said that the virus has more strong will of survive, but interesting 🤔 the virus is not eating other bodies, this virus is only biting. What do you Think 💬?

All of us are dead
All of us are dead movie
All of us are dead
All of us are dead

29th January, i watched all the 12 episodes, since yesterday I finished now (13:30pm), i would like to say that the Koreans are so nice. I have no words. They are not only supportive, but young people have a great sense of teamwork. Of an entire school, only 7 survived, and a few more hybrids in according to this Korean.

The most important of all of this is, the virus cannot spread. They gathered all of them and exploded after. God was there too, helped them with rain and thunders, to disperse the zombies that are sensitive to noise because their senses get amplified, they have the same symptoms like a vampire transformation. They get strength and are also hungry all the time, to get energy and maybe to multiply.

To the spiritual side, after the infection these people didn’t die. What this can be? They said that they are Assimptomatics, but the incredible that occurred was that one friend of them fall of a higher building maybe three times and didn’t die. He had a bad character, i don’t know if this is the reason, i mean, is good to be good, to redemp yourself. And every time he woke was like nothing happened to his brain and conscious, he was the same. Maybe his soul don’t let his body. He died only in the explosion.

These are the main points. Watch your ⚖️ your measures and may God be with you and your Spirit.